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In all the optimism and excitement that the end of a semester inspires, I’ve joined up with a second KAL. It’s not really adding any new knitting to my plate, though, and in fact it fits in quite nicely with the superhero KAL I’m already in. The idea is to take every project that was on the needles, in need of ripping, or in need of finishing (the weaving in ends, sewing on buttons, etc., type of finishing, that is) before August 15 and get it done by October 15. You get points for every 100 yds you knit/rip and can earn more points depending on how long the project has been on the needles.

When I first read about it I thought, “Meh, sounds like fun but I don’t really have all that much in progress. Well, maybe I’ll just check out my projects page and see.” Turns out I had 11 projects in progress, including 4 sweaters and a shawl. Then I went around to gather them all up, estimate yardage knit and yardage left to knit, and get some pictures (the KAL requires an on-the-needles picture and a finished one), and, well, I found 4 more projects that weren’t on my projects page, some of them dating back to 2009.

So, yes, this is the KAL for me, I think. Here’s my list (so far; I’m not entirely convinced I’ve found all the incomplete projects yet), in no particular order:

1. Handspun-Tho-Not-By-Me Socks


So, spinning just isn’t my thing after all. But yarn-based bartering over the internet totally IS my thing, so I was still able to make arrangements for this Mad Color Fiber Arts Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon Top that had been sitting on my spindle since April 2012 to be spun and plied into 295 yds of 3-ply sock yarn. Now it can finally become the socks it was always meant to be! These will be toe-up so I can use every last yd of the yarn. Yds down/yds to go: 62.5/232.5

2. A Little Something on the Side Socks


Yds down/yds to go: 156/134

3. Daughter of the Regiment


When last we saw the first DotR, her skirt had just been cast on amidst much fiddling and she had just broken her second needle. I may need to get a long Karbonz circ to finish these, or I may just finish them on a million Karbonz dpn’s. Regardless, they will be finished on Karbonz and hopefully by October 15. Yds down/Yds to go: really not sure at all

4. Baby Sweater That Just Needs Buttons


Whether I finish this depends on whether I have buttons that will work. This one took a little longer to knit than the baby took to grow, so I’m not totally sure what I’ll do with it now.

5. Too-Big Leyburns

Why so big, Leyburn? Why?

Hoping I can figure out my mods on this but if not I’ll have to rip the first one back to before the heel and just follow the pattern this time. Yds down/yds to go: 152/152

6. Moonlight Lady Mittens


To match the Moonlight Lady hat and scarf. Yds down/yds to go: not sure, things are a bit too tangly to weigh and measure right now

7. Garter-Stitch Scarf


Yds down/yds to go: 108/362 or until I get bored

8. Improvised Fibonacci Stripe Cardigan


Yds down/yds to go: haven’t measured/don’t know what this will take because I’m not working from a pattern

9. Kristi


Yds down/yds to go: 195.5/110.5

10. Conference Call Socks


Yds down/yds to go: 122/not sure ’cause I have to rip out the toe and make this one a little longer

11. Striped, Seamless Set-in Sleeve Sweater

Yds down/yds to go: um…I don’t actually know where this one is right now, so I’ll get back to you on that

12. Plain and Simple

Photo on 8-15-13 at 2_Fotor

Yds to rip: 455

13. Francis Revisited


Yds down/yds to go: don’t know but I will – I swear! – get around to lengthening the body and sleeves so I can wear this one this fall

14. Oceania Shawl

Yds down/yds to go: don’t know/until I can’t stand it anymore

15. Toast

This is not the most exciting pattern to photograph.

This is not the most exciting pattern to photograph.

This sad little mitt has been sitting around for 4 years because it fits fine but just isn’t long enough for me and stockinette tubes are apparently so difficult to knit that I’ve never found the time to fix it. Yds down/yds to go: guessing from the pattern specs, around 60/more than 60

16. Green Lantern Sweater


Yds down/yds to go: 59/not sure but I bet it’s a lot

I know I said earlier that I started with 11, then found 4 more, but I just listed 16 projects. That’s ’cause I found another one while I was writing this post.

This is definitely the KAL for me.

10 thoughts on “16 & Counting

  1. Holy Smokes! 16 wips?!? That’s a challenge but doable for Oct15, 2013. My worry for me would be starting something else ‘cos it was super cute and couldn’t stop thinking about it! My wish for you: May your focus be strong, the needles move fast, and be there joy in every stitch! Good luck!

    1. I’ve probably thought up 5 new things to cast on or that I wish had cast on the night before the KAL started so I could work on them just in the last few days! But I’ve already finished my first WIP (toasty) and made good progress on the Green Lantern sweater front and that feels pretty great, so I think I can keep my motivation up and not start anything new until October.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am killing myself laughing. This proves yet again, as if more proof was needed, that we knitters are crazy. I give you bonus points for courage. I would never be brave enough to gather up all my WIPs in one group and take pictures, let alone own up to them on my blog.

    1. I’ve gone as far in the past as gathering them all into one basket or trying to focus on picking up something that was unfinished whenever I finished something else rather than just casting on something new. But this was the first time I ever actually laid them all out and took pictures and figured out how much knitting was left on each one. Yikes! I think of myself as a process knitter but I’m really looking forward to this challenge and seeing how many of these things I can actually have done in 2 months.

  3. You are truly a knitter after my own heart!! I’d hate to start counting all my UFOs, but I know I’m right up there with you……the reason I took this weekend and finished up a couple!!!! (it seems they fly off the needles, but really, they were practically off already!) I joined Andi’s rav group to finish some oldies….sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat! Good luck to you!

    1. I wish more of these were a little closer to done, ’cause I don’t think I’ll get that “fly off the needles” feeling too much as I work through this list. But then again there are a lot of socks and I tend to zip through those when I focus on them, so we’ll see. It will be an adventure at least!

  4. Oooh I wish I’d seen this earlier!! This is exactly the kind of KAL I need to join! Getting points for finishing WIPs? Yes, please. I have waaay too many scattered around. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks! I’ve earned a few points so far – I finished Toasty and a few old half-done washcloths. The Green Lantern sweater is killing my chances at getting a lot of projects done, but the points for yardage knit should make up for it!

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