2 Socks is a Pair of Socks, Right?

I really hope so, because I’ll take all the milestones I can right now.



On the right, we have a do-over. You might remember these socks from my “finish all the things-along” last year, when they looked like this:




I started them a little over 3 years ago to keep my hands busy on a weekly conference call at my old job. I remembered trying this sock on after I finished the toe and cut the yarn and used some of it in my sock blanket, only to realize it was a little too short. So, my first point here is NEVER do this with a self-striping yarn if you like to maintain stripe pattern consistency. My plan since then has been to rip out the toe and re-knit it in a contrasting tan Kroy that I had lying around. I never got to these during the knit-along, though, and didn’t get back to them until a few months ago.

At which point I realized this sock was actually a good inch or so too small in pretty much all dimensions. I could barely get it past my ankle and then I couldn’t get the heel where it belonged, and it actually kind of hurt to even get it that close to on. So, my second point here is NEVER knit a sock on a conference call at a job that really really stresses you out, because things will happen to your gauge that you will not be able to control.

And I guess my third point is NEVER trust your memory of what happened 3 years ago. Or maybe never trust your feet? I honestly don’t know if it’s my memory or my feet that have changed since then.


But it’s all been fixed. I ripped the whole thing out and did the cuff, heel and toe in the contrasting color this time around. I even cast on the second cuff right away, but after just an evening or so of that, it was time to go to San Francisco and I wanted something a little fancier and that didn’t have any unpleasant memories attached to bring on the plane. Enter Java and this glorious hot pink stuff I’ve been hanging onto since the 2010 NH Sheep & Wool.

I made good progress on the plane.



But there was a problem. And this time it wasn’t gauge (well, I don’t think it was gauge; I never check the gauge on socks but the fabric I was getting seemed just about right to me) and it wasn’t stress, it was just that the 60-stitch size was too small and I had a feeling that the 84-stitch size would be too big. The next few problems I ran into were totally my fault, though, so no worries on that front–I’m still TOTALLY able to screw up a perfectly decent pattern through my refusal to count or pay attention to detail.

I don’t even remember everything I did wrong when re-doing these, honestly. It involved a lot of believing I could create an in-between size if I just did the math right, then doing all the math wrong, and then just deciding that I had screwed things up enough that it was better to just look at the pictures and go for the idea of the sock rather than trying to fit what I had done incorrectly into what the pattern was telling me to do. But, hey, in the end I ended up with an awfully pretty sock that fits my foot, so I guess we can’t say this was a total failure on my part.

I just really hope I can recreate what I did for the second one.

4 thoughts on “2 Socks is a Pair of Socks, Right?

    1. With commercially produced socks, I never even care if they match. I just buy a bunch of the same and wear them however. And with striped yarns I don’t make the stripes match. So, I think I’m safe to call these a pair. Actually, the more I think about it, the less inclined I am to knit another pink one in that pattern. I might just knit a plain one to finish the pair!

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