A Bit of Progress

Here in the Randipants corner of the living room, we have some progress, finally.

I have finished the body for Francis Revisited. I was very happy to find out it fit after having knit it all on a 16″ circ with really no idea if I was on the right track at all. I vow to knit the cowl this weekend, but right now I’m seriously distracted by some awfully pretty green and brown wool-Seacell blend sock yarn from Mad Color Fiber Arts and a stitch count that makes a pair of Leyburns a viable option for me at last.

Sadly, we also have some regress. In my quest to find teensy tiny needles that won’t bend before I can knit a whole pair of socks with them, I bought some Brittany 2.25 mm dpn’s. My gauge tends to be pretty loose, but I thought I could squeeze by with just an extra quarter millimeter. I cast on with the Crazy Zauberball and it looked so pretty I quickly knit a whole cuff and started the leg.

The whole thing was just too flimsy, though. These socks would not have lasted.

(That's the Asscat Can behind the sock. It's full of bottle caps and I shake it at Zoe when she tries to get on my end table and launch herself onto my yarn drawers. Those are my yarn drawers behind the Asscat Can.)

I really should have known ahead of time, as the Zauberball feels a little thinner and more loosely plied than the plumper and/or twistier yarns I prefer, like CTH Supersock Select. Perhaps I did know and let the siren song of marled, stripey socks lure me astray. Yes. That’s it. I blame the sirens. Also, these needles are already bending but I probably can’t blame the sirens for that.

I’m using the Brittany needles for the Leyburns as I know that this particular yarn knits up a little too tight even for my liking on 2 mm needles (I think it’s the Seacell – the yarn doesn’t have much bounce to it, but oh, is it gorgeous). After the Leyburns I think I’ll just have to invest in some more KP Harmonies. Yes, they break after a few years, but at least they last a few years before they break.

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Progress

  1. HAHAHA. I knit and pray too. I think that I will continue to have bad habits until it blows up in my face. I’m glad your sweater fits. It would be awful to come so far only to find you had to start over! I’m not sure what your preferences in needles are, but have you tried any metal dpns?

    1. I knit with metal briefly when I first learned, but I have wrist and shoulder issues that make it just about impossible. I recently bought an Addi Turbo 1.75 mm to try, hoping that they’d be small and light enough. I got 2 rounds into a sock and my shoulder started to seize up – that was magic loop, though, and I think I tense up a little more when I knit magic loop. I’m tempted by those fancy Blackthorn carbon fiber needles but for now I’ll probably stick with KP ’cause I know they’re comfortable, they don’t bend, and I can afford them (as opposed to $35 for the Blackthorns).

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