A Little Bit of Everything

Well. A lot’s gone on since last we spoke.


I finished my year of socks project #7.



Pattern: just a plain old top-down ribbed sock, no particular pattern
Mad Color Fiber Arts All American in an unlabeled colorway I picked up at NH Sheep & Wool a few years back
2 mm/US 0 Karbonz DPNs
Didn’t measure. The fabric came out pretty lovely but the socks themselves are a bit loose.


And then I finished my year of socks project #8 because why not. I don’t have a picture tho because these were a gift that was like a billion years overdue and I mailed them off before I got a picture.


At this point things were well past my October 1 deadline but I continued on with my year of socks and finished #9 for good measure.



Pattern: top down, just my usual numbers but with ankle socks this time
Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Cold Mountain
2 mm/US 0 Karbonz DPNs
  8 sts & 10 rows and overall a bit loose


And continuing the ’15-’16:17 theme, we also have some progress on the socks I really didn’t want to finish!



Since the last 2 pairs were pretty much my standard everything but turned out oddly big, I decided I needed to do some rethinking and reworking of my standard sock plan. Lately I’ve been wearing my favorite old resurrected pink socks and another old pair that had their cast-off unravel years ago and I only just fixed them recently, both knit from the same yarn and the same pattern, and I’ve noticed they fit just fantastically. Now, it could be the yarn or the pattern or the gauge or who even knows what else. Since I’ve been knitting with some thinner yarns lately and don’t have a lot of sock needle options other than my 2 mms to test out the gauge variance hypothesis, I’m taking a cue from the pattern for my first attempt at figuring out my baggy sock deal. The pattern I used for these pairs was my go-to sock pattern for a long long time, but after a while I found I really prefer knitting cuff-down to toe-up and I haven’t really looked back too often. But toe-up does offer easier options for testing fit as you go, of course. (I know a lot of people say you CAN’T try on cuff-down socks, but you can! I swear! It’s just very poke-ish and harder to really tell if you’re matching the beginning of your knitting to the same place on your leg every time you check the fit, and neither of those things is an issue when you start with the toe. So, please just know that I fully support your “toe-up when you need to try it on” feelings, but please also know that trying on cuff-downs is an option, and I want you to have all the options in life, I honestly do.) And I was already feeling less than motivated to knit the mates for these 2 and thinking that knitting them in reverse might be my only chance. So, toe-up with my old standard pattern it is. Still using 2 mm needles and knitting exactly the size I always knit before, which matches the stitch count of my current standard top-down sock. I figure from there I can measure gauge and feet and ease and come up with a plan for the next pair. I will report back if there is anything interesting to tell.



After all this finished, I admit I got a little distracted and took a few yarn-buying detours. All of it was to buy yarn for specific projects we’ll talk about in a sec, except for this one:




Since stumbling across it when I was looking for yarn to knit Happy Street, I’ve been a little preoccupied with Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat. I can’t explain why, really, since I am not exactly a major Alice in Wonderland person. I haven’t even read it! But the yarn just kind of speaks to me. I’ve set a goal of collecting 1 skein of each color with the intent to knit…something…someday. I’ve got a good amount of Caterpillar and Dreamworld left from my shawl and I picked up this skein in Un birthday last time I was at my local-ish spot. It’ll take a while to collect as much as I want, but at least that gives me time to figure out what I’ll actually knit with it, I suppose.


And then there’s Loop.



Not part of the year of socks, not part of the allowable knitting project, just here to be pretty and succeeding at it.


When I was buying that Cheshire Cat for no immediate reason I thought it might be fun to buy something with the actual intent of knitting it. My last Stitch Fix box — which I haven’t blogged! I actually haven’t blogged 2 whole boxes! The blue room is not done and the pictures are just not happening, but I’ve gotten some excellent stuff! — had a perfect winter coat in like a cross between a navy and a slate blue. I am someone who always feels the need for at least 2 of hat/mittens/scarf to match each other at least a little and my coat at least a lot, but who almost never actually manages it. I spent enough on this coat and I love it enough though that I figured I should treat it right this time. So I got me some DiC Canyon in a leftover club colorway that’s this really lovely tonal gray.


First I knit a hat.



And then I knit some mittens.



And it was all over so fast I haven’t even made Ravelry pages for them yet. (I did wear them outside to shovel the driveway today tho.)

Patterns: Tin Can Knits Flax & The World’s Simplest Mittens — which showed up on Instagram the exact instant I needed to see them the other night (I know everyone on the planet but me is already on Instagram but here I go too: yarnandsass follow meeeeeeee!!!!!)
Yarn: Dream in Color Canyon, October 2015 club colorway maybe???, 70 g for the hat, 73 for the mittens
um…whatever the patterns called for
  um…it all turned out OK but the mittens are a bit big
Started & Finished:
I knit the hat on 10/30 and I knit the mittens except for the thumbs on 12/3 & the thumbs were done on 12/4


Good lord, this is a lot of stuff. There’s just 1 more to get through, though, and it is pretty fantastic, I’m not gonna lie.




Pattern: Double Dutch by Katya Frankel
Yarn:  madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Found Pottery & Neon Pink, just about 300 yds of each
3.75 mm/US 5 bamboo circular
  pretty much exactly the 22 sts & 44 rows called for in the pattern

Oh lordy, folks, did I have fun with this. The mosaic pattern doesn’t show up quite as well as I was hoping, but there’s so much neon pink in this I can’t even care. I also got exact gauge, which never happens, and it shouldn’t really matter with a shawl, but I’m counting it anyway.


OK, I think that really is everything I have to show you. I’ve added a few squares to the blanket but nothing huge. (The blanket’s hungry, though, so hit me up if you wanna trade a bit.) I’ve barely gotten to the rest of the to-do list because I’ve been knitting up a bunch of stuff for the Etsy shop, and then not photographing or listing it. Sigh. Overall, though, I’d say the knitting’s going great and I can’t complain.




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