A Little Something To Look Forward To

Top to bottom: KP Telemark in Mink Heather and Dove Heather, Harmony 5″ double points in 2 and 2.25 mm, and Swish Bulky in Doe and Douglas Fir.

I got some fun money last week. I had some fun.

11 thoughts on “A Little Something To Look Forward To

  1. Of course, with KP the most fun is always trying to walk the line between the $50 free shipping minimum and the maximum your bank account will allow. Thanks to the big June sale, I still have $0.19 left in fun money!

  2. I think you are going to love the Telemark! I knit a Dale Norwegian sweater with it a few years ago and it is a very warm sweater. It might not be the softest stuff to work with, but the finished product is worth the effort!

    1. I’ve squeezed it a bit, and I loooove how it feels! I’m not too sensitive to mildly rough or scratchy wool, either, so I’m expecting to really enjoy the sweater I get out of this.

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