A Necessary Distraction

As I predicted, starting some new socks in Comfort DK won out over finishing up the second Aquaphobia.

Not that the Aquaphobias are completely on hold, mind you. I have started the second one, but that’s my purse project and I haven’t had much time for purse knitting this week.

Next Saturday is the next sock deadline. I think I can have both pairs done by then, or at least by next Sunday night so I can start the week fresh. Today is for cooking and Farscape, and surely sock progress will just happen as if by magic alongside those other activities.

8 thoughts on “A Necessary Distraction

    1. Yes, yay for Netflix! I actually own all the DVD’s but I’m watching on Netflix this time so I don’t have to change discs. It’s awfully convenient.

      Have you read the graphic novels that pick up where the series left off?

  1. YOU CAN DO IT! 😀 I’m sure you’re looking forward to having your Aquaphobia socks OFF the needles! I hope this distraction gives you the edge you need to power through the last bit!

    1. I’m feeling pretty good about the Aquaphobias right now. However, I’m also rethinking the heel mods I made on the first one. The first heel fits just fine, though, so I must push that thought from my mind. I MUST.

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