A New Home for the Wig Hat

Here’s a project from the deep past, some early-days knitting that’s been hanging around for, oh, maybe 4 years or so. Aside from an “I just finished it take my picture now!” modelling session, it had not been worn. Even though I looked damn good in it.

Looking at this now, I think the reason I never wore it was that the color was too natural looking. I thought it would be fun to make this out of a color that hair actually comes in, but now I think if it had been neon green or something I probably would have wanted to wear it more. Maybe I’ll make another one in a different color.

Anyway, we had company last weekend and a series of events let to me pulling out the wig hat. It got quite an enthusiastic response, more enthusiasm than I had for it, in fact. So, it was clear that it had found a good home (and it finally got its ends woven in!).

She calls it her Prince Valiant-Shredder hat.

Pattern: Hallowig by Megan Reardon
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in…Rust, maybe?…119 yds
Needles: Who remembers at this point? Probably what was called for in the pattern, since I didn’t know too much about my personal gauge tendencies back then and so would not have fiddled around too much.
Started: A long time ago.
Finished: Not long after that.
Mods: Don’t think so.

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