A Tale of My Drawers

I just about have the yarn organization situation where I want it. I’ve added a new set of drawers to the mix and I think there is finally a place for everything.

One set of drawers is for tools and yarn – leftovers, stuff I haven’t decided what to do with yet, stuff I own but don’t remember why – sorted by weight.

Worsted & bulky.

DK, fingering, and lace.

The second, smaller set of drawers is filled with stuff I have plans for, sorted by however I could fit it in.

The AKB still overflows and I have organized a spinning basket. The tackle box I got for Xmas has been organized and filled. Almost everything is where I need it to be so I can find it easily. Next step: update my Ravelry queue to reflect the drawers with plans.

Most exciting weekend ever? We shall see.

11 thoughts on “A Tale of My Drawers

  1. Thanks, ladies! It’s been a few years of piece-by-piece organization, I think, it just all came together in the last few weeks. Now let’s see if I can finish some stuff.

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