This is all that's left to knit.

Here is where the Xmas knitting list stands as of this afternoon (keeping in mind that “done” in my vocabulary means “I’ll weave the ends in & block in a week or so, just let me have my moment”):

  1. Dan’s mother: Thrummed mittens in pink Cascade 220 & gray Clover natural wool roving. One mitten almost to the tip (maybe 2-3 more pattern repeats). These go quickly considering how fiddly they are, but I don’t look like I’ve made much progress because most of the time I’ve spent working on them has been put towards making thrums. But, oh, thrums are fun to make & even more fun to stick your hands all up inside. Also, after I was sad that I wasn’t going to pick up too many new techniques this gift-knitting season, I realized I’m picking up two on these mittens (thrums & afterthought thumbs), so yay for me!
  2. Dan’s father: Basic ribbed hat in KP Swish DK, color Coal. Done!
  3. Dan’s grandmother: 198 Yards of Heaven in Patons Classic Wool, color  Wheat Heather. Done in 190.2 yds!
  4. My mother: Turkish Bed Socks (Maizy, color Retro) Ankle socks in Cascade Fixation. I decided that socks in sock yarn on sock needles were just not a challenge I felt like meeting this year. I wasn’t crazy about the fabric I was getting & couldn’t bring myself to pick them up again. I’ve decided on chunkier ankle socks, maybe even with short-row heels for extra speed, instead.
  5. My aunt: Basic top-down socks (Trekking XXL in 171, a nice fall-ish multi) Ankle socks in Cascade 128 Tweeds. (See 4 above.)
  6. My uncle: Ribbed scarf in KP Swish Bulky, color Coal. Done!
  7. My sister: Cloche Slouchy hat in KP Gloss DK, color Blackberry. Done!
  8. Friend at work: Honey Cowl/Headband in Patons Classic Wool Merino in jewel tones. Done! But. If there’s time after I finish everything else I may just try a different approach on this. I seem to be short on my row gauge & even though I intended this to be worn as a headband, it’s just too short if she wants to wear it as a cowl as well. Hrm. What to do…will all depend on my time leftover, I suppose.

I should have plenty of knitting time this week, though, as I am on vacation for the rest of the year (!!!!!). This is the most time I’ve taken off work at once without actually being unemployed. It’s only day one, so I’m really not used to the idea yet. I’ve already planned at least one errand I can easily run on Monday “because it’s right near work” without realizing for a few hours what I’d said. My plans are to knit & cook as much as I can & start the new year with empty needles & a full freezer. I’m trying not to make any plans beyond that. But that’s probably a good thing – I’m also trying to taper off the caffeine a bit to see if it helps my migraines, so I may not be able to get any more done.

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  1. You’re doing so good! I just started knitting shortly before Christmas after years of not knitting, so I didn’t have time to do Christmas knitting. I’m starting next year’s Christmas knitting in January. I’m determined to give knitted gifts next year.

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