AKB Update with Revisions

So, here is the list from March updated to show the state of things as of yesterday:

  1. DONE: The Unexpected Socks
  2. HALF-DONE: The only 2 things I’m knitting for Xmas presents. One present made for my sister. I haven’t seen the recipient of the second present to get yarn approval yet. Yarn has been approved. Yarn, needles, pattern (Grown-up Bonnet) and I are still negotiating gauge.
  3. RIPPED: Citron. The finished object is pretty, but the knitting was boring as hell and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I think I might make a sweater with the yarn instead. I am undecided on what this yarn shall be.
  4. SO CLOSE: Francis Revisited. Just needs one sleeve and I plan to knit that today. Minor edits still needed. Should only take a weekend or so to finish.
  6. 1/5 DONE:The Oceania Shawl
  7. ALMOST DONE: The next Thor hat.I still need to do a second test knit for myself before I look for outside test knitters, but I think I have the pattern just about set. I think I have the pattern written. I need to block and assemble to double-check those directions. Then it’s layout and pictures time.
  8. DONE: The 2nd Stripey Bed Sock
  10. NO CHANGE DONE: The Kitchen Muriwai
  11. DONE: Xmas garland for the office
  12. DONE: The Fuck This Shrug Slipper Socks. And I don’t like them. I am officially filing this yarn under Bad Skeins and not touching it again until I settle on a worsted weight scrap project. (Which I need to do soon. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m thinking something like this.)
  13. NO CHANGE: Last July’s attempt at Leyburn, which are destined for a friend if I can remember the mods I made and finish the second one so that it in any way matches the first I believe these are actually from 2 Julys ago. I will rip and restart.
  14. DONE: A practice hat for the class I’m teaching next month. The class ended up not happening, but I do like the hat.
  15. DONE: A child’s sweater that came in this batch of yarns that just needs a collar, a seam, and some ends woven in. This has been bartered for and given away and all is right in the world for this sweater now.

There’s a lot of DONE on that list. Many new projects have made their way to the coffee table but not the basket. So, it’s time to refill the AKB and bring the list up to date.

  1. Grown-up Bonnet
  2. Francis Revisited Revised
  3. Plain & Simple
  4. The Oceania Shawl
  5. Kristi
  6. Leyburn
  7. Secret Project
  8. Garter-Stitch Shawl (teaching a friend to knit will get me knitting whatever I’m teaching them long after they’ve left every time)
  9. Experimental Slipped-Stitch Sole Socks

That list is way too short. I need to go cast on, like, 8 new things.

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