All the Pretty Yarnses

Up first, some pretty sock yarn in the process of becoming socks.

The yarn is Ivy Brambles Sockscene and the pattern is Aquaphobia Socks by Crystal Flanagan. This yarn definitely looked like a pooler in the skein, and I wasn’t in a very pooly place when I was ready to knit it. I am so impressed with how this pattern handles the short color repeats. It’s actually making little multicolored stripes, which is way cool. The only less than positive thing I can say about these socks is that, while each round seems to take no time at all, I feel like it takes forever for the leg to get any longer, so I’m cutting these a little short and doing a 5″ leg instead of the usual 7-8″ I would knit. The slipped-stitch pattern means there’s a double layer of yarn so I think these will be plenty warm even if they’re a little short.

Up next we have pretty yarn and more. I signed up for a Ravelry swap and received my package last week. Look at all the lovely presents:

There was yarn (3 skeins of Cascade 220!) and notepads and tea and stitch markers and Knit Klips and a little octopus who lives in my cubicle now and a project bag and a gorgeous hat pattern – Cloche Divine by Meghan Jones. I think I’m going to use the Cascade for something based on Wise Hilda’s top-down cowl-neck vest but with narrower shoulders and a hood instead of a cowl. Though, yes, yes, I know I have 2 other sweaters to finish first.

The last pretty yarn I have to show you isn’t really yarn yet. Well, it is, but it’s not the yarn it is meant to be yet.

I’ve been slacking the last few weeks on my spinning, but I have made a good start on my current project. I want this to become socks. I think it will make just beautiful socks. Every so often as I’m spinning I let the yarn twist back on itself so I can get an idea of what the finished 2-ply will be like (I’m not ready for 3-ply yet) and I think it will be ok. Maybe a bit lumpy, but I don’t think I’ll mind.

8 thoughts on “All the Pretty Yarnses

  1. The sock yarn is amazing! I must have some of my own! Your handspun is certainly looking great, I’ve found that it helps to plan a few minutes every day to sit and work with it.

  2. What an awesome swap package! I love the leaf stitch marker, it’s gorgeous!

    The sock that you’re making looks great too. I can see how it would seem like you’re getting somewhere when you knit it, but then you got to measure it and it’s hardly grown at all. We’ll ankle socks aren’t so bad!

    1. I’m dying to use these stitch markers the next time I knit something that requires them. I’ll just have to watch my tendency to knit into a marker and not realize it until the next row.

  3. I’m definitely remembering that sock pattern–the “potentially pooling yarn” is looking great!! (and I’ve got a boatload of pooling sock yarn!!)

    You sure scored big with that swap! way to go—-i’ve never done a swap. (I wonder why???? guess I need to go look for one!)

    and lastly—thanks for playing along with my tag game. (I love NottingHill, too!)

    1. I am really loving this pattern and I think I’ll use it again to help avoid pooling

      I had a lot of fun in this swap. I’ve never done one like this before. Check out the Karma Yarn Swap group on Ravelry. Lots of fun swapping action to be had.

      And I was happy to play along on your blog. I love a good excuse to come up with answers to “what’s your favorite…” questions.

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