Alterations Needed

Yesterday I looked like this:

Today, I – and Francis Revisited – look like this:


I needed a big change.The sweater just needs a few small changes.

The sleeves need to be longer and a bit more flared. When I sat down to finish them over the weekend, I decided to just knit them straight to the end, thinking they would end up a bit larger around than my arm at the cuff but not annoyingly flared (also thinking I was too lazy to get the pattern and figure out where I was and measure and blah blah blah). I tried them on as I knit and started the seed stitch edge once the stockinette reached my elbow. Since this yarn is a 50/50 wool/acrylic blend, I washed the finished sweater to see how it would hold up to how I’m most likely to treat it. It didn’t felt, but it definitely got plumper and squishier. The sleeves lost some length, and I  can see now that they will need a little flare. I’m going to rip these back to a few inches above the elbow and redo them.

The body needs to be a bit longer too. It was fine when I finished it, but the washing made it shorten a bit like the sleeves did. I think I’ll work some more increases so it flares a bit more at the bottom as well as making it a few inches longer.

Other than that, this is a perfect fit. I wore it yesterday as a sort of test run to be sure about what I wanted to alter. I actually don’t mind the length at all when I’m wearing it. It’s more a matter of aesthetics. This sweater wants to be bell-shaped and drapey and a little bit long, and so it shall be.

10 thoughts on “Alterations Needed

  1. It is a perfect fit! It looks warm and snuggly! Another upside to having really short hair, you can justify knitting a bunch of warm, colorful hats!

    1. I think this is the happiest I’ve been with the fit of any pullover I’ve made. I think that’s a good sign – every sweater’s getting better. If only I could get myself to knit them more often.

    1. Thank you and thank you! I like raglan sleeves, too. I want to try something a little different one of these days ’cause I’ve knit a lot of them, but they’re so easy and such a good fit that I just keep going back.

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