And Then I Just Did Something Else Instead

OK, so, I think we should all know by now that I’m not great with achieving knitting goals. So, it should be no surprise that, after 2 steady months of trying my best to focus on existing projects, I only got my original list of 16 unfinished items down to 14. For those doing the math along at home, that’s 16+1-1+2-5+1=14.

I started with 16 projects for the knit-along, plus my sock yarn blanket, which I was not counting because that will be done at some point this decade if I’m lucky. I finished my Long & Toasty mitts, then found 2 washcloths I hadn’t finished. I finished the washcloths up. I ripped out 3 sweaters that were just never going to happen as my final entries in the knit-along. Then I cast on a blanket. And here we are.

Do I need a new blanket? Well, I think I do. And it’ll sure clear up some space in the yarn drawers, which has kind of become my entire life’s goal right now. (This new apartment is tiny, so tiny, so very, very tiny, you guys. I need to get rid of some drawers.) If all goes to plan, this thing will clear out 12 balls of Noro Kureyon and 5 of Patons Classic Wool. Plus I had to make up a spreadsheet to keep track of the pattern, and if there’s anything more fun than that, I want to hear about it.

And anyway, even if I don’t need it, exactly, once I could see it in my head, it was so pretty I couldn’t not get started right away.

It’s pretty out of my head, too.


In other knitting, I’ve taken a break from the Green Lantern sweater because I couldn’t get the sleeve or the neckline quite right and hadn’t decided how to fix them. I think I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to rip out the neckline, sleeve and shoulders, then reknit the sleeve (and, you know, a second one) from the cuff up, join to the body at the shoulders, and finish the whole thing in the round according to EZ’s seamless set-in sleeve instructions. I did the body flat and the sleeves top-down before because I wanted the sleeves to be black all the way to the top. But I’m tired of trying to mess with the numbers and, because I made up the armholes and neckline, they’re not as perfect as they could be, so I think I’ll feel better about the whole thing if I just make the tops of the sleeves green where they join the body. That way I don’t have to make anything up or do any fiddly intarsia-in-the-round tricks. Hopefully I’ll have some progress on that for next time.

In other not-knitting, I’m having so much fun over at the other blog talking about Alias and its various delights and stupidities. If you’re never quite sure whether Alias is the absolute best or the total worst, do please check it out and join the conversation.

5 thoughts on “And Then I Just Did Something Else Instead

  1. The blanket is brilliant – both beautiful and a stash buster! I’m a Noro lover, and this looks like a great way to use the yarn. You were brave to try and figure out that sleeve thing. I’m one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s blind follower knitters. I would never attempt doing something like that on my own.

    1. Thanks! I was having so much fun making up the sweater as I went that I thought I could wing the sleeves and neckline too. Honestly, they’re not too bad, they’d probably do just fine, but I think if I do them this new way and just do like EZ says, I can make them PERFECT. And I really want that sweater to be perfect.

    1. Yeah, I shouldn’t even pretend like I didn’t know this was gonna happen. Now that the blanket has moved from shiny new project to just another thing on the needles, though, I’ve gone back to finishing up a pair of socks I’ve had in progress since the summer!

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