And Then There Were Rainbow Socks

Oh, yes.

Pattern: None in particular. Top down with short-row heel.
Yarn: Knit Picks Chroma in Prism, about 67 grams.
Needles: 2mm/US 0 dpns
Started: August 29, 2012
Finished: September 10, 2012

A note about the heel: Short rows were not wrapped and turned but just plain turned according to directions here (link found via The Knit Cycle, a lovely blog about yarn and bikes to which I am quite grateful for introducing me to this concept; my short-row heels don’t have a sloppy side anymore!).

A note about yarn usage: I had plenty of yarn left and could have done taller socks if I’d done it the proper way and worked toe-up to eke out every last inch. Lately I feel like life is too short for toe-up socks. I can slog through a long leg if I know once I reach the heel there is nothing but excitement for the rest of the knitting – the flap! the turn! the gusset! the toe! or at least 2 of those things depending on the type of heel! – but getting past all the fun stuff and facing the loooooooong leg is likely to lead to ankle socks in my experience.

A note about the rainbows: You guys, I’m not typically into rainbow colored stuff. Or bright stuff. Or, like, I own a lot of black and gray and denim blue, OK? But these socks are best. I got the yarn in a trade and it was so not a difficult trade offer to accept. And now I get to put the yarn in my blanket so my blanket will be best. And I am super excited about these rainbows is what I am saying.

Also? They match my new (oh, yes, that’s a) LeCreuset grill pan (that I got at 40% off for serious)!

(P.S. I am having a yard sale here because I don’t really have a yard. Maybe you need some stuff? I have some stuff. Check it out if you like stuff.)

13 thoughts on “And Then There Were Rainbow Socks

    1. I had budgeted for getting the pan a few months from now, but a whole bunch of stuff went on 40% off (because the new line that came in was a slightly different shade of blue? hey, I’ll take it) and I had to jump at it. I’m so happy and I don’t even have meat in the house to cook. Before this the only Le Creuset product I owned was my silicone basting brush, which, honestly, is AMAZING.

  1. Wow both the socks and the pan look great! I have to look up those short row heels you are talking about, I only knit socks once or twice a year (one for socktoberfest for sure) and I mostly follow a pattern to a t. I remember I made some afterthought heels once and I loved how they looked and sit on the heel as opposed to traditional heels.

    1. I’ve done some afterthought heels that fit pretty well. I wasn’t thrilled with them when they were first done, but now I’m noticing that they stay put much better than short-row heels. These short-row heels are much neater looking than the wrap-and-turn kind, though, so I’m pretty pleased with them.

  2. I actually prefer toe up socks, but agree with you that once I get to the cuff it takes forever to get done since it’s just a cuff! It’s frustrating really. I love these socks though, the rainbows are so fun!

    1. I used to knit only toe-up but the legs started coming out noticeably different lengths because I’d be so sick of it by the second one. I love the try-on-as-you-go factor, though.

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