And Two New Hats for Me

So, remember the Allowable Knitting Basket? It was a great idea I had last year to keep myself motivated to clear out old stuff before starting new stuff.

Also, remember the Drawers with Plans? Another great idea I had to separate any yarn that was attached to a specific, desired, possibly Ravelry-queued and, ideally, from a pattern I already owned project from the leftovers and stuff I didn’t have a clue what to do with.

Both ideas worked pretty well at first. And it’s not that I’ve given up on them or anything. But remember my bookshelf do-over? See how nicely the AKB fits on the second shelf down and how it’s not at all clear that there’s a ton of half-knitted stuff in there?

Also, see those drawers? Those are not the Drawers with Plans, they’re the other ones. And this is the view from my couch.

So, you see, my problem is twofold. One, the unfinished items in the AKB are not right out there for me to see every day anymore. They’re neatly tucked away in out-of-sight-out-of-mind territory. Two, the drawers full of yarn I have projects in mind for are not in my line of sight when I’m on the couch wondering what to knit next. So, lately there’s a lot of knitting things from whatever yarn I happen to grab out of the no-plans drawers is my point. Lots of quick projects that are doing away with some neglected single skeins, which in the end isn’t such a bad thing.

Out of the no-plans drawers has come the scarf I showed you recently. That took care of a skein of Berroco Peruvia Quick, which it turns out would never have worked for the Winding Path I bought it for. The scarf also cleared out most of my first real skein of handspun. Then I figured I didn’t have enough matching sets of winter accessories (by which I mean I have exactly one matching set of winter accessories), so some more of the handspun and a skein of worsted weight KP Bare went into a matching hat.

As the handspun is still hanging in there, I have moved on to mittens.

Hat Pattern: 2*2 rib over 84 sts until I didn’t feel like it anymore, then stockinette until it was a few inches past the crown of my head, then some rapid decreases to give it a bit of flop.
Yarn: KP Bare Peruvian Highland Wool Worsted Weight, about 2/3 of a skein, maybe? And handspun Mad Color Fiber Arts Superwash BFL Top, just a squeensie bit.
Needles: 4 mm/US 6 for the ribbing, 5 mm/US 8 for the stockinette
Started: November 5, 2012
Finished: November 7, 2012
Worked on: In line to vote! It was way busier than I expected and I got at least an inch done.
Scarf Details: Here.

Election day was fairly chilly in my neck of the woods, so it was good that I’d recently finished yet another unplanned-for project.

I had a nice, warm head that morning, thanks to my slouchy pointy-ears hat. And I got a sticker!

Pattern: None. I just sort of cast on and went for it. A few garter ridges, a few increase rounds, knit for as long as I felt like it, and then a 3-needle bind off.
Yarn: Mystery yarn that I got second-hand last year. I think it’s wool, but I haven’t done any experiments to confirm that. Certainly is warm and a bit scratchy.
Needles: I don’t honestly remember now. 5.5 mm?
Started: Late October
Finished: November 4, 2012

This also looks dead sexy with the ears squunched down in the back, FYI, and that is usually how I wear it. I will admit the sticky-uppy  look adds a certain something, though.

So, OK, I’m not working through my yarn-pattern backlog quite like I would wish these days. But winter’s coming, so new hats can’t be a bad thing. And I really do need some matching items in the accessory pile, so all this unplanned knitting will achieve a goal. The pointy-ears hat will coordinate nicely with another scarf I have in progress, I think, and I’m hoping there’s enough left of both yarns for some gloves to complete the set. There’s just some really cool stuff in the Drawers with Plans, though, you guys. One of these days, I need to get my ass into those drawers.

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