At That Point

I am close enough to done with the secret knitting that I’ve already decided on a pattern and taken out the yarn for my next big project. But I’m not so close to done that I’m going to be able to start on the next big project today, so the yarn is just staring at me. It’s sitting there on the coffee table right on the edge of my field of vision saying, “Look how I don’t have any of the colors you’re knitting with right now. Doesn’t that excite you? Don’t you want some new colors in your life? Aren’t you due for a change?” And I’m over here saying, “Shut up, yarn!”

The good news is that the bigger the secret knitting gets the faster it goes for some reason. I suspect that will stop being the case once I get to the final section because that will involve a great deal of stitches and no color changes. Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to be picking up that new yarn tomorrow, even. Maaaaaaaybe Tuesday. Maybe.

Although, you know, it’s not like it’s on the same needles or anything, so technically I could cast on the new thing and I wouldn’t really be interfering with my ability to continue with the secret knitting. Right?

I know there are plenty of you out there who’d agree with me.

7 thoughts on “At That Point

  1. Stay strong and keep going. I know I would be just as tempted as you to cast on for the next project, infact I think I probably would just to get a few rows in but would later reget my lack of focus.

    1. I know if I give into the temptation now it will just lead to a night of me up until all hours furiously knitting to finish the secret knitting in time and then giving it to its intended either still damp or – worse yet – completely unwashed/blocked. Oh, but it’s so hard to stay strong!

  2. Ah, the endless dilemma … I don’t seem to have any say in it I don’t think – sometimes the new WIP just leaps onto my needles, sometimes it waits … no rhyme or reason.

  3. I had to hide the Noro too keep it from jumping onto my needles! I’m staying strong, but if I don’t get the secret knitting done this weekend I’m sure there will be at least a small dalliance with the Noro by Sunday night.

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