Back To Normal

First, a few more notes about the drop-stitch scarf: The pattern is very easy to memorize and to remember when you pick it up again. After having put it down for several months, I didn’t have to look at the pattern again. The stitch pattern has a good rhythm to it – just enough going on to keep interest, not so much you can’t watch TV. Not good book knitting, as I couldn’t really look away from the yos, especially on the row where they’re dropped, but just perfect to go with a movie I’ve seen before. And the pattern yields such interesting results that I wanted to keep knitting every time I picked it up, do just one more repeat of the dropped stitches to see them open up again.

After all that knitting monogamy (2 whole weeks!) things have returned to their normal state for the time being. I have started on the Xmas knitting list. So far I’ve cast on for 5 projects and ripped one of those. Made a few tweaks to the list as well.

  1. Dan’s mother: Fuzzy Feet (Patons Classic Wool Merino in…Paprika? Wheat Heather? Cascade 220 in pink)
  2. Dan’s father: Basic ribbed hat (Bernat Cashmere Blend in charcoal Wow, I really hated this yarn. Didn’t even get through the first round. It squeaked – maybe that was the plastic needles? – and felt too much like plastic in my hands. Ordered some Swish DK in Coal with the other KP yarns I needed.)
  3. Dan’s grandmother: 198 Yards of Heaven (Cascade 220 Heathers in a frosty sort of pale gray-purple Patons Classic Wool in Wheat Heather)

    This one’s done except for the blocking. I’m going to do that a little closer to Xmas. Looks really tiny right now, so I’m interested to see how it blocks.

  4. My mother: Turkish Bed Socks (Maizy, don’t know the color).
  5. My aunt: Basic top-down socks (Trekking XXL in 171, a nice fall-ish multi)

  6. My uncle: Ribbed scarf (Swish Bulky undecided on color un Coal)
  7. My sister: Cloche (Gloss DK in Blackberry)
  8. Friend at work: Cowl/Headband (Patons Classic Wool Merino in jewel tones)

So, I’m back to having a zillion projects on the needles. It feels like home, but I think I’ll take up monogamy again after the new year. I have some sweaters and shawls which I fear will not happen any other way.

Now I must go convince the husband to help me set up some folding chairs and the coffee table appropriately so I can make me some self-striping yarn.

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