Because I Make My Own Rules

Sometimes the part of me that wants finished projects and wants to have a little self-discipline fights with the part of me that doesn’t care how many sweaters I currently have in progress, it wants Apocalypta, and it wants it now.

Guess which part won the fight this week.

I also won the Great Yarn Cake Battle of Aught-12 this week. Lesson learned: do not use your ball winder on a skein of Seduce. That cake will just collapse and you will lose 3 evenings of knitting trying to undo it.

It was just the one victory for me, though. Overall, the yarn has won the winding war. After The Untangling I wound the second skein by hand, which we all know just leads to nasty little hand cramps and takes a year and a half. So, now my approach is both the ultimate in laziness and a fine example of efficiency in the skein-to-garment department, if you ask me. I am knitting directly off the swift. With 100-yard skeins, I think it takes less time to knit the skein than to wind the ball. I may, however, just be telling myself that so I don’t have to admit I got into a fight with 100 yards of yarn and gave up almost immediately.

I feel like I’m tearing through this project. I started it a week and a half ago, I haven’t worked on it every night, there were those 3 nights spent untangling, and I’m almost ready to divide the body.

I finished the first Kristi a while back but I still haven’t gotten moving on the redo of the first blue sock. I’ve gotten about half the stitches on the needles, if that counts for anything. I suspect I will have a finished sweater before I have another pair of socks. I think it unlikely I will meet my sock goal this year. In fact, I may make not meeting my sock goal for the year my new sock goal for the year so I can have something to aim for that I stand a good chance of hitting.

2 thoughts on “Because I Make My Own Rules

  1. Don’t think of the untangling battle as a loss, think of it as a lucky punch with a chance for redemption later! I think it’s great that you are whipping through your project šŸ™‚

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