Best-Laid Plans

I really think I could have done it. When I said I would have two pairs of socks done by tonight, I didn’t see any reason that wouldn’t turn out to be true. And I still, even now, just a matter of hours away from tonight, believe that it could have been true.  When I had each pair about 60-70% done, it was perfectly reasonable to think I could finish both pairs in about a week.

However. Monday and Friday I had things to do after work that involved much driving (though at least Monday’s thing was a birthday party, which provided some knitting time between the driving times). Wednesday and Thursday I had a migraine. There was not much opportunity to knit on my lunch breaks, and the stretch of waiting room time I expected at the eye doctor yesterday never materialized.

So, here is what we have.

This much of the Comfort DK Opposite Socks:

Don't worry. I have more yarn.

And an Aquaphobia just past the heel:

I was a bit worried about making progress on the second Aquaphobia. I had reached that point where I’d been working on them so long that I didn’t want to say it but I was getting a little sick of them. Dan even said to me yesterday, “You’ve been working on those for a while. Are you getting sick of them?” And I had to admit that, yes, I was. Then I pulled out the first one so I could double-check my mods and make sure I was working on a second sock that would actually match the first. And once I saw that first one again and remembered how pretty these are going to be when they’re done? Boom! Motivation back, heel turned. I am so ready for these socks.

And I can totally finish both pairs in the next week.

12 thoughts on “Best-Laid Plans

  1. I completely understand, we all get tired of projects at some point. But I totally agree that the Aquaphobia pair will be so beautiful! I know I would be excited to work on them, no doubt about it! The opposite pair is cute too, they look super warm!

    1. True, true. When life gets in the way, I try to just look at it as a distraction from knitting that lets me work more on my yoga/meditation/path to self-acceptance project instead.

  2. It’s so satisfying to finish socks! You can definitely get them done! No pressure though, life is funny about self-appointed deadlines, sometimes it feels the need to throw you curve balls!

    1. Yeah, I’m trying to keep talk of finishing this week to a minimum in case anyone’s listening. (But I’m halfway through the foot on the second Aquaphobia!)

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