Big Blue Blob

I’m enjoying my time until I have to start my next sweater by catching up on some unfinished projects.

This has been my main project this week. Eventually it should be a squishy, soft, and I hope not slippery bath mat. Right now it’s a giant pile of detail obscuring, dark blue cotton I can only manage to knit around 6 or so times in an evening before I give up. Maybe another week and this will be done.

The toe I was reluctant to discuss in this post is now a toe, foot, and heel.

This is my birthday present yarn from last year, Socks That Rock mill ends in a purpley greeny blue, on its way to becoming knee socks. I have two skeins and I’m working from the smaller one first, knitting toe-up to get the tallest socks I can. I love this yarn. It is so delicious. I need more of this yarn, just spread around the house in convenient squeezing locations.

Dan & I did a bit more dyeing today as well. Our methods aren’t terribly slick yet, sadly. We’ve tried this twice and neither yarn has come out like we thought it would. Today we were going for light pink, dark pink, white, & black stripes. The black turned very purple (and we were rinsing green out of it for about 20 minutes), the dark pink went sort of brown, and the light pink has bright orange polka dots. We skipped the white section entirely because I put the wrong stretch of yarn in the jar with the black dye so there really wasn’t much choice if we still wanted stripes. I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but it’s growing on me as it dries.

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  1. You can purchase rubber mesh rug backing dealies at craft or home improvement stores. 🙂 Don’t crack your skull slipping on your beautiful rug!

    Are you still using cake/icing tints as your yarn dye?

    I have 25 rows left, and then my double rainbow blanket is finished. I’m pretty psyched. Then I plan to make a blanket for my dad. I think I may break down and buy circular needles for this one.

  2. I think I might have to get some sort of backing for this mat. We usually just throw a towel down, but this feels a little smoother so I think it might be slippery after all.

    For this batch of dye we used Wilton icing colors. They didn’t seem to want to dissolve all the way, but that might have been how we mixed them. And we were just kind of guessing at how much to use. It wasn’t clear at all from dipping a paper towel in the mix to test the color that they might turn out the color the label said, so we didn’t have much to go on.

    Congratulations on your blanket! The last one I made was Dan’s thumbs-up Black Mage afghan. That took months, and crochet goes way faster than knitting. Except for my sock scrap blankie, which I can just sort of pick away at when I feel like it, I’ve steered clear of blankets because they seem like such a time investment. Can’t wait to see pictures! Also, I have some metal circs I don’t use. I can send some your way if I have any sizes you need. Let me know & I’ll check what I have.

    1. Ooh, if the needle offer is still good, I would love that! I was thinking size 8 or 9?

      I got a little busy and lazy so my rainbow blankie took about a week longer than I thought. But I’ve finished knitting it and have been using to snuggle on the couch. I still haven’t woven in my ends, though. It’s been 2 or 3 weeks. *facepalm* Sooo lazy.

      1. Meh. I still call it done if the knitting is done. Weaving in ends is finishing. Finishing is a whole ‘nother hobby.

        My Ravelry sale/trade page tells me I have the following metal circs (no 8/9 but I do have a 7):

        2mm US 0 24”
        2.25mm US 1 16”
        2.5mm 24”
        3mm 24”
        3.5mm US 4 24”
        4.5mm US 7 24”
        8mm US 11 36”

        Let me know. I can add these to your fabric. Speaking of which, we need to talk about messenger bags and barters and trips to the seacoast!

  3. It’s been a matter of needing a combination of things!: 2 days off in a row (I am inviting myself to sleep over because otherwise I would have to leave before you even got home!); no snow storms predicted because then my dad won’t go to work and I’ll have no way there/back; and not being sickly. But I want to see you guys! I miss you!

    1. It’d be cool if you can hit us up on a Friday night so I could get maximum Jesstime, but I know in retail that pretty much never happens. Haven’t you been there long enough to earn a vaca day or two yet?

      1. I’m a part-timer. We don’t get vacation days. Or sick time. Or health insurance. Or dignity!

        I can request a Friday/Saturday off (they’ll just schedule me the other five days) but then I’ll need somehow to get home on Saturday. I can ride to Portsmouth with my dad one weekday morning and take the Wildcat bus to Newmarket, and next weekday take the afternoon bus back to Portsmouth and get home with him. But he doesn’t work on Saturdays!

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