Thanks to the Soxcetera Blanket Blitz KAL, I’ve been working the blanket again. I’m trying to figure out the best method for taking pictures of it in segments. With the size it’s gotten to, I can capture the details or I can capture the scope.


Also thanks to the Soxcetera group, I’ve gotten some fresh yarns for the blanket too. I’ve added a fair bit to the supply just with my own knitting since the last time I worked on the blanket, but these trades are gonna help me make a huge dent in things. I still have one more coming too.

While I was winding up minis for these trades and sorting out what new stuff I hadn’t added to the blanket yet, I started having that feeling again. I have all these bits of yarn that are too small for swapping but have already been used in the blanket twice (just about the only rule I’m imposing on the blanket, even though I don’t think it will really make a difference in how it looks in the end) and some that were reclaimed from failed or re-knit projects and weren’t in swappable condition. I do have my scarf that I started to take care of my leftover leftovers, but I’m not really feeling scarf-y right now. Some of these yarns have been lying around for YEARS tho, like, since my second or third ever pair of socks, and they’ve been with me through 3 moves and dozens of swaps and I just felt like it was their time to be useful or be gone.




And then I was like you know what? I think it’s time for some Nether Garments.




And I was definitely right about that.


(Also, the Blanket Blitz KAL goes till the end of the month, and you should definitely get in on it!)

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