Blanket Break

This thing is now entirely too big for me to take a decent picture of all of it. On the plus side, I now live in a place that’s big enough for me to spread it out completely.


As I have worked through my full supply of minis, it is time to focus on making more leftovers. I’ve got 5 pairs in progress, so that’s the obvious place to start. Yesterday I had a migraine that only got worse throughout the day AND I had a long drive to do boring errands, and I think we all know what happens with a combination like that.



2 skeins of SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock, 1 of Vice Paradigm

You really can’t expect me to leave the house with a migraine and come home with just a migraine and a toilet seat, no sir.

Then tonight I was getting organized to re-open my Etsy shop and I was looking for some yarn for a custom order and…well…I probably don’t have to tell you what my living room floor looks like right now. Anyway, my point is I decided to be very organized and smart about things and put all my sock yarn that I want to make socks out of in 1 place. I pulled out a few skeins I’m thinking will be better as shawls, and this is what I’m left with, including the in-progress socks and the 3 new skeins:



That, my friends, represents 17 as-yet-unknit pairs of socks. I think it might be time for another Year Of Socks project. If I finish the half-knit ones during Selfish September (go on and have a good laugh at the idea of me finishing Daughter of the Regiment in that time frame even without 4 other pairs to finish, I’ll wait), that’d be 3 weeks/pair starting October 1. Even setting aside the shawl yarns, that’s quite a lot of knitting I’m facing just from 1 category of yarn. But the blanket is only going to get hungrier and just think of the leftovers I’ll have when I’m done. Actually, I should think of all the time I’m probably going to spend snowed in this winter. Seventeen pairs might not be enough to keep me busy.

4 thoughts on “Blanket Break

    1. I’ve tried for a pair every 3 weeks in the past and failed, so wish me luck! Also I’m loving Selfish September. I knit a bunch of big gifts lately and I’m just letting myself enjoy knitting whatever feels right at the moment for a little while.

  1. Your sock yarn blanket is beautiful. I started on about 4 years ago and it is not quite so big. I also don’t work on it as much. I will be going full steam come January as it is a graduation gift for my daughter and the will put about 16 months out.

    1. Thank you! I started mine 5.5 years ago and I’m still amazed I’ve gotten it so big! I would love to be able to do one big push and finish like you’re planning, but I don’t think I could stay away from it long enough to collect enough yarn. A couple times a year it just calls to me.

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