Blanket’s Day Out

It’s tough to get pictures of any blanket – even a partial blanket – in an apartment. If you want proper blanket pictures, you need two things: a tall husband (substitute with any tall photographer as you choose) and the outdoors.

I am a little further along on the Life-Long Blanket now than these pictures show. These were taken after five complete rows, and I’ve done a bit on the sixth since then. At its widest points (every other row) it’s 15 squares – 48.75 inches wide. Each square is about 3.25 inches along the center decrease line, and it takes two rows to add a full square’s height to the blanket due to the way the squares fit together. My plan right now is to knit 45 rows, which should bring the blanket’s dimensions to 48.75*74.75. That’s 653 squares, with 79 knit so far. And that’s not including a border. (For the border, I’m thinking a single solid color, either in another row of squares all around, or maybe triangles to fill in the jagged edges, or maybe squares then triangles to make a heavy, straight border. Good thing I don’t have to decide for a while.)

My supply of sock scraps is dwindling, so I must find some more trade opportunities soon. Actually, I have plenty of leftovers from my own socks – I tend to use only about 2/3 of a skein per pair – but I don’t want just a few yarns to dominate the blanket. My approach has been to work through all my own yarns once as well as the current supply of scraps from others, then refresh with a new trade and start over. This is making it a very good project for in-between times and I haven’t been able to work on it for long enough to get bored yet. I’ll work on and finish a bunch of new things, then get a new package of sock minis and it’s nothing but the blanket for a week or so, then back to other stuff, etc. I still can’t wait for it to be done, but then again I’m not really looking forward to having to hand wash this thing, so I can be a little patient.

As more progress is made, I will need to make sure there are more outdoor photo shoots (’cause just imagine this in the snow). I love this closeup, which you’ll recognize part of from my new header (unless you’re a future reader who’s stumbled across this post after I’ve changed the header; but trust me, it looked a lot like this and I really liked it).

In other news, the Thor hat knitting is complete and the pieces are soaking in the sink. I’m hoping to get this sewn up today and in the mail tomorrow. I really really really can’t wait to show you how this came out. I am so proud of it.

Finally, in other other news, wanna know what really livens up a Tuesday evening?

My oven asplode.

6 thoughts on “Blanket’s Day Out

    1. We rent, and our rental company had someone over that night to tape up the oven door so kitty wouldn’t hurt herself, then they gave us a brand new range the next morning. I was pretty impressed, considering it took 4 months to get them to give us new dishwasher racks (I guess when you use the word “explode” they get more of a sense of urgency).

  1. I’ve made 2 of those mitered square blankets–they are so so so addictive!!! Yours is coming along GREAT!!!
    EXPLODED OVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! Glad it got taken care of so quickly–looks like it could have caused a bunch of hurt! Hope everyone is OK.

    (And yes, those giant pumpkins are all chocolate. Heaven, huh?)

    1. You know, if Paris wasn’t already on my someday travel list, the chocolate pumpkins would’ve tipped the scales, for sure.

      And no one was near the oven when it blew. A friend of my husband’s was in front of hers when the same thing happened, though (with her small kids – yikes) and she said they were all covered with tiny little cuts. I’m very relieved we just had to deal with the BIG sound and the racing pulse for a bit.

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