Block Party

1st time blocking lace (awfully fun):

Everything else got the pull/push/stretch/smoosh approach, as the sock blockers have disappeared and I had nothing to stuff the slouchy hat with:










Also, for Xmas, my cat gave me a lesson about laying a black scarf out to dry in the path of a white cat:

But, then, she always has asserted her right to get in my business:

Now to see if I can finish those mittens today. I lost the morning to a mild migraine (turns out, office Xmas party + food shopping 2 days before Xmas + 4-hour show at a noisy bar + walking home well after midnight and well WELL after I’m normally in bed – any time to nap in between = blech the next morning; why am I surprised?), so I’m hoping to make up some time now that I’ve reclaimed the afternoon. I may not finish, but I think my mother-in-law would least be flattered to know that the reason I didn’t finish her gift in time is that it was the most technically complex of all, right? And, actually, we’ve worked so hard this year to get ahead on our debts and not overspend that we were able to purchase presents for everyone on our list in addition to the hand-made items, so I’m not feeling the dual pressures of having no money and trying to finish gifts on time this year, which is really quite lovely and enough of an Xmas present in itself for me.

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