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2018 Recap

Hello, lovelies. How’s your year been?

In January, I mostly just cooked.

(More about that over here.)

In February, the truck broke down and it took a month to get the transmission rebuilt. I’m super lucky to live right on a bus route that gets me to work on time, but it adds an hour to my day each way, so I mostly just went to work, came home, ate dinner, slept, went to work, etc., and there was not a lot of time or brain space for knitting or cooking or pretty much anything.

Which pretty much takes care of March, too, although I did manage a hat and a pair of flip-top mittens to make my commute/walk a little toastier.

(Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Fuschia Rose & Deep Unrelenting Gray, yarn held double for the hat, patterns just sorta made up as I went.)

In April, I rediscovered the worsted weight scrappy striped blanket I told you about way back in 2016.

(Pay no attention to its 10-stitch companion. I thought that would be fun but it wasn’t.)

At the time, I said I thought it would be a 24″x36″-ish lap blanket. Something about the garter stitch and the stripes were just exactly what my brain needed when I picked this back up, though, and by May, when it was lap blanket sized, I didn’t want to stop.

June was mostly yardwork, but also I made this cake.

(Smitten Kitchen’s “I Want Chocolate Cake” Cake)

In July, we said goodbye to Zoe.

In August, we said hello to Alistair.

In September, I celebrated my birthday a smidge late with a trip to StevenBe and this pompom has made my life better, I can tell you that.

In October, I Rhinebecked. 


Remind me to tell you the whole story some time. It’s called Four Hats and No License, or Why I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Pack My Own Bag.

November was for playing with my Rhinebeck haul.

(Peace Fleece Worsted that wants to be a Cathedral Grove cardigan when it grows up.)

And December was all about shiny new things.

(tosh merino light in Mint Condition, which was the full skein in the 2018 modern Christmas advent calendar from eat.sleep.knit. I have squooshed it on my nose several times and it’s real good.)

As Far As Things I Actually Finished Go

Yarn/Pattern Info (L-R, top to bottom)

Aforementioned mittens & hat; previously discussed worsted weight scrap blanket (which, of course, outgrew my scraps, necessitating the buying of more yarn and eventually weighing in at 6 lbs); Tosh Sock in Electric Rainbow/my usual cuff-down plain sock

Regia Pairfect Design Line By Arne & Carlos in 9135 Fall Night/exactly as the ball band calls for with 64 sts on 2 mm needles; DiC Smooshy in Damp Pillow/my usual cuff-down again; red mystery fingering weight wool/Spruce Point Pullover aka my Rhinebeck sweater that has yet to be properly photographed; bunch of yarn ends/fill some glass Christmas ornaments

Misc sock scraps/the last 2 of my scrappy socks that I found needing only toes and finished up while I was in bed sick one weekend – Lorna’s Laces Solemate in an Avengers colorway I think was called Assembl/a waffley rib textured hat for Dan – and madelinetosh BFL Sock in Well Water & Whiskey Barrel/improvised triangle shawl; STR Mediumweight in Deep Unrelenting Gray/improvised ribbed hat with special fancy birthday pompom; Cascade Eco held with DiC Smooshy in Milky Spite/Lamb Shoes but w/no face embroidery; Miss Babs & Tosh Sock & Frabjous Fibers/On the Spice Market all as detailed here

In the Deep Hue Sea Carribean colorway Salazar/my usual cuff-downs with a slightly longer cuff to work better with my new Docs; Cascade Eco + in a purple heather and Cascade 220 color 2215/There and Back Again (TABA) by Shanel Wu, which is a really fun sock knit flat that I got to test knit; Patons Kroy & KPPPM & something I can’t remember/Jewel, which I knit in April 2017 but only just found a loving home for and finally found the will to weave in the ends and block properly; oh and I made a quilted coaster which has nothing to do with knitting but it’s almost an actual square and I am very proud so please look at it thanks

And wow yeah so that was a year.

Let’s go do another one.

In conclusion:

Putting This Here So I Don’t Forget

Well, here we are in Iowa. It’s a month today since we arrived, and this weekend I’ve managed to finally start to feel like I’m getting back to my normal life. The house we’re in needs a lot of fixing up, so we’re holding off on completely unpacking and organizing until we know what we want to do when. But we’ve got a basic living room and bedroom set up and I’ve just about unpacked and organized all the kitchen stuff.

We’ve made a lot of it feel familiar, but one thing that will be very different is just how far we are from stuff. There are a couple grocery stores I drive by regularly but they’re a little pricey. It’s a good 45-minute drive to a town with the big box-pet-grocery store combo we typically need. It feels strange after living in a tiny apartment for so long, but we actually have a lot of space in this kitchen. So, I’m trying to get into a once-a-month shopping routine.

I think only doing 1 big shopping trip a month will be pretty easy, but making sure I get the right amounts of the right things will be trickier. Meal planning doesn’t really work for me, but we do tend to like to have a lot of the same things around regularly. For this first month, I just went around the grocery store (2, actually! Aldi & Trader Joe’s) and grabbed everything I know we like and/or looked good.


This picture is a little misleading, since I had to stock up on some kitchen and household basics like you usually do once you’re in a new place. We won’t need a new toaster oven every month, for example. But, then, it also doesn’t show the bulk stuff I’ve ordered from Amazon and King Arthur Flour.

This one gives you a little better idea of how the food and household stuff breaks down once it’s out of those bags:


So, some of these items I definitely bought more than a month’s worth (we’re not going to make it through 6 liters of liquor in a month, for sure!), some I know I bought exactly a month’s worth (31 cans of cat food), some I didn’t try to get a month’s worth (not that much trouble to grab a gallon of milk every week), and some are things I’m going to need to track to see how how long they last. I figured I’d put this all up here and use this as sort of a master tracking post that I can come back and edit (add a date & strike through) as I use things up and then have a reference to generate my shopping list next month.

(Also, if you just come here for the yarn, there’s totally a pair of socks at the end of this, so go on and scroll ahead if you’d like.)

Leaving out all the household stuff and including all the stuff I bought from Amazon and King Arthur Flour, this is pretty much what we’re dealing with:

        • roast beef 4/30
        • salami
        • 1 wedge parmesan 5/3
        • 1 log goat cheese
        • 1 block cheddar
        • 1 bag shredded mozzarella 5/7
        • 2 pizza crusts 4/26
        • bacon
        • 2 whole chickens — 1 frozen whole, 1 broken down & frozen in pieces
        • 1 red onion
        • parsley 5/5
        • chives
        • basil 4/26
        • jalapeños
        • vegetable gyozas
        • boisenberry jam
        • crushed tomatoes
        • kalamata olives
        • store brand knockoff Cheerios
        • peanut butter
        • grainy mustard
        • pickles
        • milk 5/3
        • baking powder
        • hot sauce
        • 2 bottles of olive oil
        • 5 lbs of jasmine rice
        • peanuts
        • seltzer
        • 3 kinds of juice
        • 2 bags tortilla chips
        • store brand knockoff Fig Newtons
        • peanut butter cup cookies
        • gummy candy
        • Little Debbie Fudge Brownies
        • black beans
        • navy beans
        • pinto beans
        • pecans
        • almonds
        • walnuts
        • pretzels
        • oatmeal
        • potato chips 5/2
        • 2 loaves of bread — 1 kept out, 1 frozen
        • Fudge Stripes
        • another kind of peanut butter cup cookie 4/26
        • seltzer
        • 4 bags pasta
        • 2 cans diced tomatoes
        • 2 tubes tomato paste
        • 28 oz. whole bean coffee
        • Oreos
        • brown sugar
        • almond milk
        • salsa verde
        • powdered sugar
        • green olives
        • 2 dozen eggs
        • pie crust — 1 for the fridge 5/7, 1 for the freezer
        • 3 yellow onions
        • spanakopita 5/3
        • 1 eggplant 5/2
        • fresh ginger
        • 2 lbs butter — 1 for the fridge, 1 for the freezer
        • 1 wedge gorgonzola
        • mango chutney
        • dried apricots
        • red bell peppers
        • garlic
        • whipping cream
        • 1 bag shredded “taco blend” cheese 5/7
        • beets
        • orange juice
        • avacados 5/1
        • hazelnut creamer 5/1
        • frozen broccoli
        • frozen peas
        • fennel
        • maple syrup
        • red grapes
        • tomatoes 5/3
        • green beans
        • orange juice
        • brussels sprouts
        • cauliflower
        • tomatillos
        • mushrooms
        • zucchini
        • broccoli
        • corn 5/7
        • cilantro
        • cabbage
        • scallions
        • celery
        • MAVEA Elemaris pitcher & 6 replacement filters (should last a year)
        • 4 bottles of Torani hazelnut syrup
        • 6 pounds of Bob’s Red Mill cornmeal
        • 7.25 pounds of Bob’s Red Mill groats
        • 3 pounds organic sugar
        • 10 lbs Country Save laundry soap
        • 10 lbs King Arthur all-purpose flour
        • 5 lbs KA whole wheat flour
        • 6 lbs KA semolina
        • 1 lb KA yeast

Um…yeah, I think that’s it! Not including, of course, the food we already had. We haven’t gone the whole last month with a completely bare kitchen, it’s just that we haven’t really been able to stock up until this past week. So this is what it looks like when I stock up. A lot of this was planned excess; you can see a lot has already gone in the freezer. But I’m sure we’ll run out of a lot more than I expect a lot sooner than I expect, too. I’m curious to see how it all goes.


But enough about the vegetables. Let us get to the yarn.

The drive out took 3 days. Knowing that we’d be driving separate (driving a 16-foot truck and towing a Rav 4 felt like too much, especially since the tow hitch rental would have been more than the gas for the Rav 4), I did not expect a lot of knitting time on the trip. I decided to pick up a second sock as my travel knitting.

When last we saw these socks, I had finished 1 and was hoping I’d remember what mods I’d made to the pattern so I could knit a second one. By the time I picked the yarn back up last month I had given up on the idea of duplicating my changes. I decided to just knit a plain sock and then unravel the existing one and knit a match.

But moving has a strange effect on me, you guys. I start out less than pleased about the whole thing but believing that if I just keep at it, then this time it will go beautifully. Then I get rid of my absolute last fuck somewhere around the T-2.5 weeks mark and it’s all downhill from there.

My point being that I started this plain sock the week before the move, deep in the belly of the “no fucks left” period, and once I finished it I realized that as long as the patterned sock didn’t actually feel different on my foot, then they were enough of a pair for me.


My last time ever having to go outside in my socks because no light can penetrate where I live.

These are the same yarn knit with same size needles and worn on the same size feet, and that’s enough matching for me. I love them to pieces and they kept me warm as I travelled halfway across the country, and so they have earned their status as A Good Pair Of Socks.

Pattern: Java for 1, just a standard 64-stitch top-down heelflap sock for the other
Molly’s Toes in Kasey’s Color
2mm Karbonz DPN’s
9/12/14 on a plane to San Francisco
Some time before 3/24/15 but not too much before but who even knows because no one was paying attention at that point.

Gifts from the Internet

I am just a huge fan of how much stuff I can acquire without having to get off the couch, and often without having to pay real dollars for it. Seriously, the internet has done so much for my yarn stock. In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a few little packages that are increasing the sock:other yarn ratio quite nicely.


There you have some Patons Kroy I got in a Ravelry trade. The bad light in this apartment does not do justice to how neon that yellow is, but some of the entries in the Ravelry projects gallery give you a better idea. This is a yellow, yellow yarn, and I don’t have anything like it, and I cannot wait to introduce it to Cookie A. There’s only 1 of the stripey Kroy because I kind of couldn’t resist and I already knit a sock out of the other skein. One of those things that just happens before you even realize it sometimes, you know? And all those tiny balls are fuel for the Life-Long Blanket. Stephanie over at woolythyme was working on a sock blankie recently and offered to share her minis with her readers, and there is no way I can resist an offer like that.

Common Ground is coming along nicely, after a few false starts wherein my ability to count and follow simple directions sort of took a vacation. I’m past the lace on the body and just a few rows away from the bottom ribbing. Really this would take about 3 good, solid evenings’ worth of knitting to finish, but with my school/work schedule, it will probably be another week. But it will happen, and it will be beautiful!

In life news, school’s OK, work’s OK, my little business venture is more than OK, and over at the other blog I’m getting very close to the end of Alias season 1 and starting to feel almost OK about the whole series. But the real big life news, the most exciting life news, is this:


His name is Mix Fleetwood. Isn’t he handsome?

We got a really big tax return, so I got a really big treat. I love him and I use him almost every day even if I’m just making scrambled eggs for 2, and he’s basically the greatest thing. And he’s sooooo purple!


It’s Like All I Do Anymore Is Avoid Homework

And I’m not even avoiding it with knitting most of the time.

So, we all know homework is bullshit, right? I mean, I get that teachers don’t seem to know this, but the rest of us do, don’t we? This is my first school experience in 15 years and so much of it is the same as it was back then that I’m a little disgusted with the world for not having fixed this stuff by now. 15 years ago, teachers would pull me in for a conference near the end of the semester and show me some fancy math they did that proved I would be getting an A if only I had passed in all my homework, even if I hadn’t gotten anything on it right, and they would wonder why I didn’t seem chastened, why I didn’t apologize and say I would do better. I would point out that I thought the point of homework was to help you develop an understanding of the material or practice and improve in your trouble spots and if I felt I understood the material and didn’t have any trouble spots, well, then, I didn’t do the homework. I would further point out that I had gotten 100% (plus extra credit when it was offered) on every test and quiz (except when we read Dickens, ’cause fuck Dickens, seriously) so clearly I did understand the material, so wasn’t my point kind of valid? I would finish with something along the lines of, “And, I mean, I’m finishing this class with a C. C’s passing. Why would I care that I’m not getting an A as long as I’ve shown I understand the material and I don’t have to repeat this class?” I’m sure you can imagine how well that went over.

Anyway, cut to 15 years later and here I am in community college wanting to have the same damn arguments over again. Except I’m doing as many courses as possible on-line, so (1) there’s really no fighting with the teacher unless you want to spend your days sending nasty e-mails and (2) it sort of makes sense to me to do the homework in an on-line class because I don’t see how else the teacher is supposed to know whether I’m even attending the class, so to speak.

This doesn’t mean I suddenly think homework is awesome, though. I still leave it to the absolute last minute. I still complain every second of the way over how pointless it all is. And I still do everything in my power to distract myself from getting it done. (Basically, the only difference between then and now is that now I can drink while doing all these things if I need to take the edge off. And, I’m telling you, it helps.)

I have so many homework-avoidance techniques, you guys. For serious.

I’ve been avoiding homework by reading this Narnia deconstruction series by the amazing Ana Mardoll. I was huge into the Narnia books when I was a kid and there’s still a part of me that’s huge into them now. But I’m also a big fan of breaking down all the ways in which the entertainment we love is also problematic while still acknowledging that we can love it. And if you want to talk problematic, it doesn’t even matter what your brand of problematic is — sexist, conservative, judgementally religious, othering & bigoted, or just plain clueless — let’s talk Narnia. Not that I wouldn’t rather have entertainment options which were not problematic, but considering the world we live in, I’ll take some awareness of this stuff as an acceptable alternative.

I’ve been continuing the unpack-and-organize-athon. I’ve just about got the bedroom closet set up in a way that we can deal with.

We started here...

We started here…

...made a brief stop here...

…made a brief stop here…


...and now we are here.

…and now we are here.

I’m not sure how this closet thing’s gonna turn out, to be honest. We’ve gotten very used to having all our clothes hanging but that’s just not an option here considering everything else we need that closet to store. But anyway. Back to homework avoidance!

I’ve been hanging out at the community garden.


I came back a few days later hoping these would be ripe enough to pick and they were GONE. And I hope whatever bastard animal ate them is satisfied. (I mean, yes, seriously, I hope the hungry animal they fed was well fed by them. But still.)

I’ve been practicing my Italian on Duolingo. I’m really liking the way this is set up and feel like I’m learning the language better than I have with most of the other methods I’ve tried.

But, hey, here’s the good news: I only have until this Friday to avoid homework and then the semester is over and it won’t be there for me to avoid anymore. Of course, in a few more weeks the next semester will start and I’ll have a whole new set of homework to deal with, but that’s so far in the future I can’t even. Plus which, when we finally get around to it, I’ll have new things to focus on to avoid that homework. Like how goddamn huge my (XS!) school uniform is and who ever thought that black-and-white houndstooth pants were a good idea to sell to a migraine sufferer.

Clockwise from top left: I don't want to look at my giant pants because they hurt my eyes; but seriously look how huge these pants are; also the coat is very much what you would call not-small; and I sort of don't know how to move my arms when I wear it

Clockwise from top left: I don’t want to look at my giant pants because they hurt my eyes; but seriously look how huge these pants are; also the coat is very much what you would call not-small; and I sort of don’t know how to move my arms when I wear it

You got the bullets, I got the time.

Or, wait, no. Strike that. Reverse it. I give you my last 3-ish weeks in bullet points. Because moving is fucking exhausting, you guys, and I can’t handle a narrative right now. For serious.

  • We moved. No, let me be a little clearer, because I don’t think “we moved” really covers it. We moved from a 2-bedroom with an eat-in kitchen and a full basement and washer/dryer hookups and a dishwasher and a garbage disposal, we moved from an apartment we’d lived in for 7 years and I mean wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling lived in, we took an entire week to move and still didn’t quite get it right, into a rather small 1-bedroom with a kitchen in which it is not possible to open both the refrigerator and the oven at the same time, into an apartment so small that checking on dinner sets off the fire alarm in the bedroom, into an apartment so small I think it’s going to impact my yoga practice because I’m not sure I can roll my mat out anywhere that will allow me an arm span (I’m 5’1″), into an apartment without the glorious conveniences of a washer, dryer, dishwasher and garbage disposal, but with the definite advantage of saving us at least $200/month. Which is really what it’s all about right now. And we’re lucky to have it. And we were oh so very lucky to have the last place. So, you know, there are worse problems than ours right now. But I’ve had a very no-fun last few weeks so I’m still working out all the whining, so I ask you to bear with for a bit.
  • I’m documenting the unpacking and organizing to help myself see some progress because I feel like all I do right now is unpack and it doesn’t get any better. The progress pics are helping me realize that we’re getting a lot done, it’s just going to be tricky and take a while to get all our stuff neatly tucked away in the new place. Would you like to see? This is what we’ve got so far:
The view from the front door. This is where we do most of our living so it's been the main focus. There's a serious yarn situation happening behind the couch that needs to be addressed.

The view from the front door. This is where we do most of our living so it’s been the main focus. There’s a serious yarn situation happening behind the couch that needs to be addressed.

The other side of the living room. Our living room is very small. I have to move the coffee table to get this shot.

The other side of the living room. Our living room is very small. I have to move the coffee table to get this shot.


G.P. Hutchinson is serving as both a wall between the kitchen & living room & as the bulk of our kitchen storage. He's about the only thing in the kitchen that's organized so far. I really miss my food and my pans, you guys, but I just haven't figured out what I did with them yet.

G.P. Hutchinson is serving as both a wall between the kitchen & living room & as the bulk of our kitchen storage. He’s about the only thing in the kitchen that’s organized so far. I really miss my food and my pans, you guys, but I just haven’t figured out what I did with them yet.

  • School is going well but I swear I want to find everyone who’s ever told me since I was 18 and have had to justify to the world why I never went to college that “it’s different” or “you’d love it, it’s nothing like high school” and slap them a little. Because aside from there being no awkward social nonsense it’s exactly like high school —  poorly edited textbooks, teachers that don’t give clear instructions and then mark you off for not following the instructions they didn’t give, unhelpful office staff, etc., etc. But I made it through 10 years of this foolishness before and at least now I can drink, so I guess I’ll make it through this as well.
  • I knit a sock to get me through moving week. I think I’ll knit another one next.
Don't worry, I take the needles out before I wear them.

Don’t worry, I take the needles out before I wear them. Also, Zoe says hi.

  • CSA season is moving out of all-greens-all-the-time and we’ve started getting zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, and scallions. This means Smitten Kitchen zucchini fritters are happening all the time and it is such a wonderful time to be alive because Smitten Kitchen zucchini fritters are absolutely in the top 10 greatest things the world has to offer. I’m really not feeling the salads this year, though, and the cucumbers have started backing up on me, so tonight I made pickles.
At least I think they're pickles. I'm never quite sure if what I've canned is what I hope it will be until I open it and eat it and don't die.

At least I think they’re pickles. I’m never quite sure if what I’ve canned is what I hope it will be until I open it and eat it and don’t die.

  • I’ll spare you my whining about how small the stovetop is, but I will just say that it took 3 of my 4 burners to keep the canning pot boiling. I think I may need to read up on small-batch canning.

CSA Weeks 3 & 4

Good lord, this season’s going quickly. Let’s get up to speed on the CSA, shall we?

This was week 3:

  • collard greens
  • kohlrabi
  • lettuce
  • kale
  • turnips
  • chard
  • senposai
  • beets
  • spigariello

And for week 4 we have:

  • more beets, kale, collard greens, and spigariello
  • snow peas
  • radishes
  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • agretti

The morning of the week 3 pickup I realized there were still lots and lots of greens in the fridge, so I took an hour and washed, chopped, blanched and froze everything I had left from week 2. I ended up with a bag of kale stems, a bag of kohlrabi stems, and 3 bags of mixed greens frozen for sometime later in the summer when I’ve had a chance to miss leafy greens. Today I may end up doing the same with the week 3 leftovers.

I made a big salad last night to take care of the rest of the lettuce. I think I’ll serve that up for lunch today too. Last night’s dinner also took care of the chard from week 3. But there’s still enough left from last week that I just put yesterday’s overflowing bag o’ stuff straight into the fridge when I got home because I couldn’t squeeze anything else into the drawers.

There are worse problems to have than too much delicious food.

I think today I will make a kohlrabi gratin. I have some lamb sausage thawing out and if that’s done by this evening I’ll make a sausage-kale soup tonight. I’ve really been wanting to try this recipe from Food In Jars for cheddar-and-leafy-green biscuits that should freeze well, so I might try to squeeze that in today as well.

I’ve been sort of losing track of the week and not getting as much from the share cooked up each night as I would like because we’re awfully distracted by moving prep right now. We were planning to move in August but July ended up being the more doable date, so basically we’ve ended up with 3 weeks to purge and pack a 2-bedroom apartment (with full basement) where we’ve lived for 7 years in such a way that we can comfortably fit into a 1-bedroom (with a storage closet). It’s tricky, but we’re managing. We’re getting stuff out of the house every day, whether to the trash/recycling, Goodwill, or to a new forever home with friends. I’m exploring the outer thresholds of my tolerance for working in the basement before my fear of spiders starts interfering with my ability to live a normal, healthy life, which ultimately has to be good for me in some way. Builds character, or something? And we’re going to have a full week with access to both apartments, so we can take the time to be organized about how we move. I fully expect there to be a day at the end where we’re scrambling and confused and don’t know where any of our pants are, but for right now I’m feeling OK about the whole thing.


I haven’t grabbed too many food pics lately, but I thought the chard stems and garlic scapes looked awful pretty in the pan last night.

Also, don’t forget to check out the What’s in the Box? link party over at In Her Chucks for ALL THE THOUGHTS on how to cook up your CSA haul. I try to link up and check out the other links every week and I always find great ideas. Plus I could look at pictures of vegetables almost as much as I can look at pictures of yarn.

CSA Week 1: Greens, Eggs & Lamb

It’s here! It’s here! Holy shit what am I going to do with all these greens Summer CSA season is here!


The egg share was offered again this year. Rather than the occasional meat offering, this year we could choose a meat add-on for the entire season! The options were pork, chicken or lamb. We get tons of pork and whole chickens in our winter meat share so I thought I’d give the lamb a go. I’ve only eaten it a few times and never cooked with it, so it will be a summer of experimenting, meat-wise. First up: lamb burgers.

Here’s this week’s take:

  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • dandelion greens
  • escarole
  • lettuce
  • bok choy
  • turnips (with greens, of course)
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • lamb chops
  • lamb sausage
  • ground lamb
  • lamb stew

As soon as we got home with this I started in chopping, washing, and bagging up all the greens. It’s a noble goal I have every year to try to wash and prep everything early in the week so I can just grab ’em and go the rest of the week. I got through about half the stuff on Tuesday before I gave up from the hunger and had to clear the counters for dinner. Can’t exactly make and serve dinner when this is happening all over the kitchen:


I’ma try to get through washing the rest tomorrow. And I’ll be back next week with my what-I-cooked-with-it-all wrap-up, which should go something like, “I had eggs–with greens! And lamb–with greens! And then pasta–with greens!” But I promise I’ll try to make it more interesting than that if I can.

Also! It’s time once again to participate in the What’s in the Box? link party at In Her Chucks. Go check it out for a ton of great ideas on what to do with your CSA stuffs!

What I Did & What I Got & It’s Week 14 Already

The only picture I’ve managed to capture in the last several weeks. Lordy, but that bag weighed a ton.

Last week was a total holy shit week. 1 box of large tomatoes, 1 box of cherry tomatoes, 1 box of potatoes, 4 squash, 2 cucumbers, 6-ish tomatillos, 4 hot peppers, 4 sweet peppers, 4 onions, 1 watermelon, 2 eggplant, 1 dozen eggs.

This week was pretty decent as well. 4 onions, 1 box of potatoes, 1 box of cherry tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, 1 head of garlic, 1 bunch of scallions, 4 squash, 3 cucumbers, 1 dozen eggs, 1 goddamn bush of edamame which will go to a friend to save me from soy-induced migraines.

The last few weeks have been much the same eating-wise. Lots of pizza. Zucchini fritters and breakfast for dinner at every opportunity. The last of the cucumbers and cantaloupe that were still hanging out last week became some awfully delicious infused vodkas. I’m tempted to do the same with the remainder of last week’s watermelon. Half the tomatillos and hot peppers went into curry and the other half into chilli.

It might be because we’ve been at this for so long now (we’re more than two-thirds of the way through the season) or it might be because we’ve settled into lots of the sort of stuff I gravitate towards when I’m choosing my own produce, but lately I’m doing less coming up with fun new stuff to eat and more of making my stand-bys. We’re getting less stuff that has to be refrigerated, too, so it’s been easy to skip the photo step since I don’t need to sort everything out on the counter first. But I’m still in love with all my wonderful food and still think Thursday is the most exciting day of the week.

Once more, I’m taking part in the CSA link party hosted by In Her Chucks. I lurve it. Tons of great ideas every week on what to do with your CSA bounty. You all should check it out.