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Burning Through the List

  • Realize that our long-standing dislike of our bed and an impending and unexpected check I was about to receive could be combined in a rather satisfying manner: check.
  • Avoid day-long Ikea trip by finding super sale at local independent place and get a fairly awesome deal including free delivery and setup: check.
  • Finally have a comfy bed to fall into every night after years and years of being all ugh about the whole thing: check.


(We also got 2 drawers for underneath but they came later. Oh, and a comforter. We got one of those, too.)

  • Still to do: find nightstands that match our new bed frame and don’t cost a week’s pay.
  • Realize we now have an entire bed to spare that didn’t really have anything wrong with it (mostly it was just too small and familiar) and that it could go into the spare room so that we could finally have a real guest room instead of an air mattress on the floor of our “home office” which had just turned into unused space since we both got laptops and Netflix on the Wii: check.




(Suddenly, this tiny, weird room feels HUGE AND LOVELY and I want everyone to come and stay with us. Seriously. Are you going to be in New England? You are welcome to stay.)

  • Unexpected gift of curtains that work in the bedroom and valances that work in the spare room (and an extra set of sheets) from Dan’s mother, making these rooms look even awesomer that the photos imply: check.
  • Still to do: buy blinds for the living room windows. So damn sick of cat hair-covered curtains I can’t even tell you.
  • Make serious progress on secret knitting and order yarn to finish it: check.


(That’s all you get to see because it’s secret and for all you know it might be for you and of all the surprises you don’t want to spoil a surprise for you would be at the top, right?)

  • Still to do: finish the secret knitting by the end of next week.
  • Send in application and payment for community garden: check.
  • Still to do: figure out what I can grow in a 4′ by 8′ plot (suggestions will be accepted in comments, so don’t be shy, y’all).
  • Write another blog post it has been 2 weeks seriously what is wrong with you just say something: oh, check, for totally.


What I Did & What I Got

We’re up to the second CSA pickup of the Summer and just like last year at this time I’m already so, so happy we spent the money. So far we’ve gotten 2 items we didn’t get last year from the same farm, so I’m feeling good about the variety. And just like last year, this is feeding us both dinner every night for the week with some left over, so I don’t need to worry about the amount of stuff we get.

What I Did With Week 1:

Thursday we had pasta with spigariello and spring garlic.

Friday night was roasted chicken (the last of the meat share, and I am so sad), sauteed swiss chard with spring garlic, and steamed broccoli florets.

Saturday I made chicken (left over), spring garlic, roasted red peppers (from a jar) and parsley (from my window box!) with coriander sour cream. Served over rice. Side salad  of lettuce and radishes with homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Sunday night I shredded the last of the chicken meat, made stock, sliced up the rest of the chard and spigariello, added some red peppers and navy beans, and made soup.

All the vegetable leftovers went into the oven along with all the peels and ends from the freezer to take the chill off and get a little more flavor going before they became stock themselves.

And now the stock is in the freezer because I’m a little souped out these days.

While I was making soup and stock, I also got started on some iced coffee.

And I was running out of space in the refrigerator so I baked the last of a batch of 5-minutes-a-day bread dough.

Monday night was pasta with escarole, navy beans, and the last of the jar of red peppers.

Tuesday was fried rice with bok choy (leafy bits) and eggs (we got an egg share too! oh yes!) and a side salad with steamed broccoli stems, radishes, and more bok choy (stemmy bits).

Wednesday night I was that special kind of hungry where you just want grease and salt and nothing else will do. I departed from the share entirely and made bacon and potatoes (steamed, then fried in the bacon grease) for dinner, followed by a grown-up root beer float for dessert (that’s 1.5 scoops of chocolate ice cream, 2 shots of root beer vodka, and club soda till the glass almost overflows, and you’ll need a spoon).

Still left from week 1: turnips with greens that still look pretty tasty and a bunch of bok choy.

What I Got Week 2:

Collard greens, dandelion greens, garlic scapes, strawberries, 2 heads of lettuce, escarole, turnips with greens, beets with greens, swiss chard, and a dozen eggs.

What I didn’t get was a picture that wasn’t all blurry. I’ll do better next week.

In other food news:

Every day I come home to more flowers on Ray!

There’s this one…

…and this one…

…and all of these!

There’s even more now (these pictures are from a few days ago), and they all smell so good.

In knitting news:

The OppAtts were well received, which makes me feel awfully good about myself. I’ve returned to the blue CTH socks with the experimental slipped-stitch sole. I have some interesting things to tell you about those socks, but not today. I’m plugging away at the secret project and I’ve added a few squares to the life-long blanket. Progress, but nothing too exciting.

Now I need to go and get my brakes fixed. Try not to be too jealous.

What I’ve Been Up To

Finishing the socks-for-trade.

Pattern: OppAtt by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: Barking Dog Opposites Attract, which is a very cool yarn, in Antony & Cleopatra
Started: May 2012
Finished: June 5, 2012

 Making fantastic dinners now that the Summer CSA has started.

spigariello, swiss chard, escarole

bok choy, broccoli, radishes,lettuce, turnips, spring garlic (buried under everything else), a dozen eggs (couldn’t fit ’em in the picture, but they’re there)

Spending several minutes a day just staring at my plants. Occasionally not watering them enough. Probably watering them too much at other times. Wondering what that first lemon will taste like.

Working on a secret project and working up a strong desire to go back to Kristi for next weekend’s marathon knitting session project. (The OppAtts got me all cabled sock-happy.)

And, just now, finishing up a giant cup of cocoa with marshmallows bigger than my head. Which means any second now crashing hard.

Day 23 & the Plants Are Still Alive

I have a Very Ambitious Knitting Plan for the weekend, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet. I’m afraid if it finds out what I’m up to it’ll get scared and run away. Instead, let me tell you about exciting garden things.

First up: Ray is starting to grow some little flowers!

This one’s even bigger now and they’re starting on a few other branches, too. Lemons might really happen, people. LEMONS.

My celery experiment is working as well.

I decided to try growing celery from seed because I need celery to be happy and I didn’t get any in either of last year’s farm shares. I didn’t see any seedlings when I was shopping for my herbs a few weeks ago so I grabbed a packet of seeds instead. I’ve read that it’s easy to grow celery, that it’s impossible to grow celery, that you have to grow it in the ground, that it grows just fine in containers, that you have to start the seeds indoors or under a lamp or exactly 6 weeks after the last frost, and a dozen other confusing statements which, rather than put me off the idea completely, convinced me the best approach was just to throw some seeds in some dirt and wait.

Now that the celery’s come in a bit more than this picture shows, I’m realizing that the seeds weren’t very well spaced when I planted them. The seeds were so small that they just sort of fell out of my hand and disappeared into the soil before I had a chance to control what was happening. Now I have two little pots each with one close little cluster of celery and a lot of empty dirt all around. But I actually made a thing grow, and that’s a huge success right there.

You can also see my scallion experiment there next to the celery. Apparently you can replant the roots and they’ll grow again? I planted some a few weeks ago and some of them look like they almost want to do something but there’s no major change yet. So far it just looks like I stuck some onion ends in the dirt.

Now I must get back to the Very Ambitious Knitting Plan. If it works out, I’ll be back later this weekend with some news on that.