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It Wouldn’t Be Xmas Without Yarn

First up, I got a lovely skein of Island Alpaca Company 90/5/5 alpaca/wool/Tencel blend yarn from my mother-in-law. Just under 200 yards of worsted weight yarn very generously donated to the knitting world by Comet and Jack, who live on Martha’s Vineyard.

Most of this year’s yarn came via gift certificate. As always, I spent it promptly on the 26th because they’re like leprechauns, you know, and if you lose sight of a gift certificate for one second it might never come back again.

I didn’t have any big projects in mind this year so I went in with my only plan being to buy every skein of sock yarn I thought looked nice until the money had been spent. Just to be on the safe side, I grabbed a new sock size circular needle, too. It would be a shame to have all that yarn and no way to knit it. (Plus which, I’d never meet my new goal.)

I bought 2 balls of Trekking XXL, 1 of 1003 (the pinks in the front) and 1 of  158 (the one in the back, which I’m thinking of as gumball machine colors); 1 skein of Mad Color Fiber Arts Classica in Betta Fish; 1 skein of Ivy Brambles Sockscene Fingering Weight in Elegant Black (which is most definitely purple); and 1 skein of Mad Color Swoon (merino! cashmere!! silk!!! swoon, indeed) in Coal.

And since it’s after Xmas and the urge to cast on everything in sight has hit hard, that lovely long needle has already been put to use on Daughter of the Regiment.

These are gonna be so much fun to make I just can’t even tell you. In fact, I think I hear them calling to me from the couch.

A Tale of My Drawers

I just about have the yarn organization situation where I want it. I’ve added a new set of drawers to the mix and I think there is finally a place for everything.

One set of drawers is for tools and yarn – leftovers, stuff I haven’t decided what to do with yet, stuff I own but don’t remember why – sorted by weight.

Worsted & bulky.

DK, fingering, and lace.

The second, smaller set of drawers is filled with stuff I have plans for, sorted by however I could fit it in.

The AKB still overflows and I have organized a spinning basket. The tackle box I got for Xmas has been organized and filled. Almost everything is where I need it to be so I can find it easily. Next step: update my Ravelry queue to reflect the drawers with plans.

Most exciting weekend ever? We shall see.