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Tuesdays & Thursdays

Class from 8-9:15, class from 2:30-3:45. Considering that class is an hour from home and I can’t afford lunch out every day, this means there’s a 5-hour library break in between to fill. I’m getting most of my homework done on campus, which is nice. Lots of reading time, which means the sleeve do-over on the Green Lantern sweater is coming along nicely.




At home, Common Ground is humming along as well. Not good book knitting, since I’m into the lace section and its one row to pay attention/one to knit plain rhythm.


Photo on 1-10-14 at 8.27 PM

Other than that, there’s some sock knitting going on, lots of cooking, and very little picture taking. Mostly I just wanted to stop in and say hi, blog, I’m still here and I’ll have pretty pictures for you soon, I promise. I seriously almost have a full pair of socks I think you’re going to like and some new sock yarn I think you’ll be all like WOW over.

Let’s Do This

It is All Motivation All The Time time chez randipants, you guys. It kind of has to be. I need a job — well, a second job, since I have a part-time one right now — I need to knit, I need to feed myself, and all sorts of other things that MUST happen for life to continue. First, though, I need to do some catching up here.

Where to begin? The semester’s over. I survived! And my grades were decent! Yay me! And I don’t have to go back till late January!! Double yay!!

I started a business! And I’m super pumped about it! It’s an errand service – grocery shopping, doing laundry, house cleaning, that sort of thing. If you know anyone in the seacoast NH are who could use a little help with that stuff, I’m your girl. It’s called A Little Help (because I’m clever like that) and you can find it here: and here:

I’ve managed to knit a little! I made some ornaments for my  mother-in-law to sell at craft fairs. Little sweaters, stockings, and, of course, (I mean, it wouldn’t be Christmas without some) balls.


Then I started making little mitten sets and couldn’t stand the cute so I had to take a break.


I’m partway through the yoke on Common Ground, which I’m knitting on commission for a friend. A friend who’s just about my size, too, which should make getting this one just right pretty easy. The only snag I’m expecting is that she wants buttons, where the pattern is written as an open cardigan, and I’m not sure yet whether to work extra increases for the front after the raglan shaping is done, or if I should just go with super-wide button bands. (Must decide soon, of course.)

I also have a little list of “pay it forward” crafts that I’ve been sitting on (figuratively) for a while that I’d like to get done in the next few weeks.

I restarted the sleeves for my Green Lantern sweater and the first one is coming along nicely.

Other than that, though, there hasn’t been a ton of knitting progress. Once I’ve got a job (second job) lined up, there will be less time spent job searching, and thus I expect more knitting time. And then I’ll have much more to share here, but for now I just wanted to pop in and say hi.


Sort Of A Sleeve, And Other Things I’ve Been Up To Lately

I finished the first sleeve on the Green Lantern sweater, yay! But it doesn’t quite fit right and I changed colors too late for my liking so most of it has to be ripped out, boo.

Also, this is my "why the hell am I in school at my age" face.

Also, this is my “why the hell am I in school at my age” face. It’s my only face now. There are no other faces left.

I’ve knit a bit on a few different socks but overall the knitting has been moving slowly. I’m all sort of tired and weird lately, what with school and looking for a job while very very much not wanting to and trying to adjust to this stupid little apartment I should be grateful to have and all that.

I did find the energy to start up a new blog though! It is over here and it is called Feminism Yes But Also The Robots and it will be for long-winded transcripts of my thoughts on general pop culture, specific depictions of women in film, and whatever Friends episodes happen to be running through my head at a given moment. The first post is all about why Mamma Mia! is way awesomer than you maybe even knew (and I’m assuming you already knew it was way awesome). And if you already knew why it was even way awesomer, well, then, just you wait because I have 2 more Mamma Mia! posts on their way. It probably won’t be a blog just about how much I love Mamma Mia! though. Probably.

It’s Like All I Do Anymore Is Avoid Homework

And I’m not even avoiding it with knitting most of the time.

So, we all know homework is bullshit, right? I mean, I get that teachers don’t seem to know this, but the rest of us do, don’t we? This is my first school experience in 15 years and so much of it is the same as it was back then that I’m a little disgusted with the world for not having fixed this stuff by now. 15 years ago, teachers would pull me in for a conference near the end of the semester and show me some fancy math they did that proved I would be getting an A if only I had passed in all my homework, even if I hadn’t gotten anything on it right, and they would wonder why I didn’t seem chastened, why I didn’t apologize and say I would do better. I would point out that I thought the point of homework was to help you develop an understanding of the material or practice and improve in your trouble spots and if I felt I understood the material and didn’t have any trouble spots, well, then, I didn’t do the homework. I would further point out that I had gotten 100% (plus extra credit when it was offered) on every test and quiz (except when we read Dickens, ’cause fuck Dickens, seriously) so clearly I did understand the material, so wasn’t my point kind of valid? I would finish with something along the lines of, “And, I mean, I’m finishing this class with a C. C’s passing. Why would I care that I’m not getting an A as long as I’ve shown I understand the material and I don’t have to repeat this class?” I’m sure you can imagine how well that went over.

Anyway, cut to 15 years later and here I am in community college wanting to have the same damn arguments over again. Except I’m doing as many courses as possible on-line, so (1) there’s really no fighting with the teacher unless you want to spend your days sending nasty e-mails and (2) it sort of makes sense to me to do the homework in an on-line class because I don’t see how else the teacher is supposed to know whether I’m even attending the class, so to speak.

This doesn’t mean I suddenly think homework is awesome, though. I still leave it to the absolute last minute. I still complain every second of the way over how pointless it all is. And I still do everything in my power to distract myself from getting it done. (Basically, the only difference between then and now is that now I can drink while doing all these things if I need to take the edge off. And, I’m telling you, it helps.)

I have so many homework-avoidance techniques, you guys. For serious.

I’ve been avoiding homework by reading this Narnia deconstruction series by the amazing Ana Mardoll. I was huge into the Narnia books when I was a kid and there’s still a part of me that’s huge into them now. But I’m also a big fan of breaking down all the ways in which the entertainment we love is also problematic while still acknowledging that we can love it. And if you want to talk problematic, it doesn’t even matter what your brand of problematic is — sexist, conservative, judgementally religious, othering & bigoted, or just plain clueless — let’s talk Narnia. Not that I wouldn’t rather have entertainment options which were not problematic, but considering the world we live in, I’ll take some awareness of this stuff as an acceptable alternative.

I’ve been continuing the unpack-and-organize-athon. I’ve just about got the bedroom closet set up in a way that we can deal with.

We started here...

We started here…

...made a brief stop here...

…made a brief stop here…


...and now we are here.

…and now we are here.

I’m not sure how this closet thing’s gonna turn out, to be honest. We’ve gotten very used to having all our clothes hanging but that’s just not an option here considering everything else we need that closet to store. But anyway. Back to homework avoidance!

I’ve been hanging out at the community garden.


I came back a few days later hoping these would be ripe enough to pick and they were GONE. And I hope whatever bastard animal ate them is satisfied. (I mean, yes, seriously, I hope the hungry animal they fed was well fed by them. But still.)

I’ve been practicing my Italian on Duolingo. I’m really liking the way this is set up and feel like I’m learning the language better than I have with most of the other methods I’ve tried.

But, hey, here’s the good news: I only have until this Friday to avoid homework and then the semester is over and it won’t be there for me to avoid anymore. Of course, in a few more weeks the next semester will start and I’ll have a whole new set of homework to deal with, but that’s so far in the future I can’t even. Plus which, when we finally get around to it, I’ll have new things to focus on to avoid that homework. Like how goddamn huge my (XS!) school uniform is and who ever thought that black-and-white houndstooth pants were a good idea to sell to a migraine sufferer.

Clockwise from top left: I don't want to look at my giant pants because they hurt my eyes; but seriously look how huge these pants are; also the coat is very much what you would call not-small; and I sort of don't know how to move my arms when I wear it

Clockwise from top left: I don’t want to look at my giant pants because they hurt my eyes; but seriously look how huge these pants are; also the coat is very much what you would call not-small; and I sort of don’t know how to move my arms when I wear it

You got the bullets, I got the time.

Or, wait, no. Strike that. Reverse it. I give you my last 3-ish weeks in bullet points. Because moving is fucking exhausting, you guys, and I can’t handle a narrative right now. For serious.

  • We moved. No, let me be a little clearer, because I don’t think “we moved” really covers it. We moved from a 2-bedroom with an eat-in kitchen and a full basement and washer/dryer hookups and a dishwasher and a garbage disposal, we moved from an apartment we’d lived in for 7 years and I mean wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling lived in, we took an entire week to move and still didn’t quite get it right, into a rather small 1-bedroom with a kitchen in which it is not possible to open both the refrigerator and the oven at the same time, into an apartment so small that checking on dinner sets off the fire alarm in the bedroom, into an apartment so small I think it’s going to impact my yoga practice because I’m not sure I can roll my mat out anywhere that will allow me an arm span (I’m 5’1″), into an apartment without the glorious conveniences of a washer, dryer, dishwasher and garbage disposal, but with the definite advantage of saving us at least $200/month. Which is really what it’s all about right now. And we’re lucky to have it. And we were oh so very lucky to have the last place. So, you know, there are worse problems than ours right now. But I’ve had a very no-fun last few weeks so I’m still working out all the whining, so I ask you to bear with for a bit.
  • I’m documenting the unpacking and organizing to help myself see some progress because I feel like all I do right now is unpack and it doesn’t get any better. The progress pics are helping me realize that we’re getting a lot done, it’s just going to be tricky and take a while to get all our stuff neatly tucked away in the new place. Would you like to see? This is what we’ve got so far:
The view from the front door. This is where we do most of our living so it's been the main focus. There's a serious yarn situation happening behind the couch that needs to be addressed.

The view from the front door. This is where we do most of our living so it’s been the main focus. There’s a serious yarn situation happening behind the couch that needs to be addressed.

The other side of the living room. Our living room is very small. I have to move the coffee table to get this shot.

The other side of the living room. Our living room is very small. I have to move the coffee table to get this shot.


G.P. Hutchinson is serving as both a wall between the kitchen & living room & as the bulk of our kitchen storage. He's about the only thing in the kitchen that's organized so far. I really miss my food and my pans, you guys, but I just haven't figured out what I did with them yet.

G.P. Hutchinson is serving as both a wall between the kitchen & living room & as the bulk of our kitchen storage. He’s about the only thing in the kitchen that’s organized so far. I really miss my food and my pans, you guys, but I just haven’t figured out what I did with them yet.

  • School is going well but I swear I want to find everyone who’s ever told me since I was 18 and have had to justify to the world why I never went to college that “it’s different” or “you’d love it, it’s nothing like high school” and slap them a little. Because aside from there being no awkward social nonsense it’s exactly like high school —  poorly edited textbooks, teachers that don’t give clear instructions and then mark you off for not following the instructions they didn’t give, unhelpful office staff, etc., etc. But I made it through 10 years of this foolishness before and at least now I can drink, so I guess I’ll make it through this as well.
  • I knit a sock to get me through moving week. I think I’ll knit another one next.
Don't worry, I take the needles out before I wear them.

Don’t worry, I take the needles out before I wear them. Also, Zoe says hi.

  • CSA season is moving out of all-greens-all-the-time and we’ve started getting zucchini, cucumbers, potatoes, and scallions. This means Smitten Kitchen zucchini fritters are happening all the time and it is such a wonderful time to be alive because Smitten Kitchen zucchini fritters are absolutely in the top 10 greatest things the world has to offer. I’m really not feeling the salads this year, though, and the cucumbers have started backing up on me, so tonight I made pickles.
At least I think they're pickles. I'm never quite sure if what I've canned is what I hope it will be until I open it and eat it and don't die.

At least I think they’re pickles. I’m never quite sure if what I’ve canned is what I hope it will be until I open it and eat it and don’t die.

  • I’ll spare you my whining about how small the stovetop is, but I will just say that it took 3 of my 4 burners to keep the canning pot boiling. I think I may need to read up on small-batch canning.

It’s my anniversary! And I’m teaching a class!

Yeah, so the blog is 3 today! I know posting has been light lately due to LIFE and SECRET KNITTING but I’m still super impressed with myself that I’ve kept my little space going steadily for 3 years now.

I don’t have a whole lot of new news today but I do have this to share:


If you know anyone in the seacoast NH area who wants to learn to knit, well, send ’em my way! And if you know anyone in the seacoast NH area who DOESN’T want to learn to knit but likes good coffee, bagels and used books, then just send ’em to Crackskull’s ’cause it’s an awesome place. (But seriously. Also send ’em my way ’cause I bet I can MAKE THEM want to learn to knit.)

And I Take My Own Sweet Time

So, I told you about being this close to finishing up a secret project.

And before that I gave you a little glimpse of the secret project because I had been working on it for so long and couldn’t keep it all inside anymore.

And before that I don’t know if I wrote about it here but I’ve been working on this secret project for about a year, ever since I found out my friend Erin was looking for a house.

So, let’s go back a year. Erin started looking for a house and I, being someone who greatly appreciates Erin’s existence, felt that she deserved something to make her warm and comfy in her house (not that she couldn’t handle the sort of thing herself, but you know). Little Knits came through for me big-time with their sale prices and soon I had a nice little pile of 4 colors of Elsebeth Lavold Bambouclé to play around with.

And play around I did. It took me at least a month to settle on a pattern. My first thought was something with dropped stitches but I couldn’t make that quite work and it seemed like the finished blanket would be tiny even if I used up every last yard I had. Then I thought a log cabin pattern would be fun but I ended up abandoning 2 different patterns because, again, the finished piece would have been too small. At that point I figured I just hadn’t bought enough yarn and I would have to go back to Little Knits (this would not have been a tragedy). I didn’t have the cash just yet, though, so I started again with the log cabin idea but threw aside all the patterns I’d been looking at and just went for it myself. I figured I should at least find a way to pass the time until I could get more yarn and the log cabin construction, with its separate blocks of color and my design goal of not letting any color touch itself, would make it less obvious if I ended up needed more yarn and mixing dye lots.

I started with a map in Excel to make sure I changed colors properly. This meant knitting only in front of my PC, which made getting started on this blanket very slow going indeed. But, I figured I had plenty of time since house hunting takes a while and Erin and I work together so getting the finished blanket to her would not be tricky.

I cast on as many stitches as I felt like, measured the width after I’d knit a few rows, and knit until I had a square. It was a 4″ square so I decided to make each remaining strip of color 2 inches deep. Pretty soon I was kind of shocked by how big it was getting when it didn’t seem like I was running out of yarn at all. I knew it would be big enough but then I decided to add a border, so I needed more yarn anyway. (And it’s really awesome how Little Knits keeps things on sale for one long-ass time, because it had been maybe 8 or 9 months at this point and I was able to get the same sweet deal on the Bambouclé. I kinda sorta totally love Little Knits, is my point.)

Anyway. The knitting started to speed up naturally once I got my MacBook and I had access to my color scheme from the couch. Then I had no choice but to speed it up even more about a month ago, for a few reasons.

First, Erin had found a house and was moving in, so now there was a definite point in time by which I needed to finish the blanket.

Then I got laid off, so now there was a definite definite point in time by which I needed to finish the blanket because it gets harder to give your coworker a gift when you don’t work together anymore.

And so, a slight digression, if you don’t mind, if only to ward off any layoff sympathy, which I certainly understand the tendency to feel in today’s wintry economic climate. This layoff was no surprise and, in fact, I completely welcomed the announcement. We’ve known since late last year that something like this might happen, so I’ve taken the time since as an opportunity to think about what I might actually like to do as a career. I ended up at my current job because I needed a job, not because it was the kind of job I really wanted, and trying to move on and do something else just hasn’t been a financial possibility. But for a variety of reasons, I have a little wiggle room financially right now. Not a lot, but enough that I wouldn’t have to worry for a few months if I just didn’t have a job at all. So, rather than jumping right in to another full-time, not-what-I-love-to-do office job, I’m starting culinary arts school full-time in a few weeks (!!!!!!!!!) and Dan and I are looking at how to reorganize the rest of our lives around that. First up is finding a part-time job, then looking for a cheaper apartment when our lease is up later this summer. More details as I have them.

Back to the blanket. When I reached the point where I didn’t think I could get another strip out of any 1 color, I stopped. I didn’t plan it this way, but it worked out perfectly so that the last round had 1 section of each color. For the border I went with the Muriwai treatment: as much garter stitch in the round as I could stand and then a picot bind off. I used the Picot 1 bind off from Cast On Bind Off and it took me an entire day – not an entire knitting day, which is usually, like, 2-3 hours depending on my schedule, but an entire day spent knitting – to bind off and I couldn’t believe how long it took even though it actually makes total sense when you think about how a picot bind off works and I reminded myself that this was for Erin and it’s worth it to do difficult or time-consuming things for people you like and who will appreciate the effort (Erin’s a knitter too) and then finally it was off the needles and it was so beautiful and I’d managed to line it up so that there was one lovely little picot right on each corner stitch and I regret nothing.

And so, this has been an awful lot of words, I know, and not a single picture. Let me remedy that with a single picture.


A single picture is all I have because it has been so gray and rainy lately that I couldn’t do the 8,000-picture photo shoot I wanted to. I had dreams of this blanket draped over stone walls and closeups of it folded so you could see all the colors hitting each other at 90 degree angles and some really detailed pictures of the picots on the corner stitches, but alas it was not to be. In the end, though, I think this is the perfect picture to immortalize this blanket with because it has all the important elements – the blanket and Erin. And she likes it! (Also, it was taken at the office so it captures that whole coworker element nicely too.)

Pattern: For the log cabin section I just went with what I knew of log cabin construction: pick up stitches along 1 side, knit until you’re done, bind off, turn the whole thing 90 degrees, repeat. For the border I used the idea from Muriwai with the Picot 1 instructions from Cast On Bind Off.
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Bambouclé, just about 2.5 skeins of colors 33 (light blue), 10 (green), and 67 (yellow), very close to 3 skeins of 25 (dark blue), and just under 8.5 skeins of 31 (brown) for the border
Needles: 5 mm circular
Started: June 2, 2012 (counting from the very beginning of the false starts; not sure when I started the design I ended up with)
Finished: May 9, 2013
Casualties: 1 Knit Picks Harmony tip and 1 Knit Picks interchangeable cord. Shocking, I know.

Well, that just about brings us up to date, I think. I haven’t been posting much lately because of all the life changes and planning and such but that’s all starting to sort itself out. Things should be calmer in a few weeks. Now that I’m done with the blanket I can get back to some knitting for myself. I also have some fun knitting planned for others, knitting which should go much faster and show up much sooner on the blog than this blanket could, as well as some fun personal stuff that I’ll share with you soon. Oh! and gardening stuff! Yes, people, watch this space. Exciting times ahead.

Burning Through the List

  • Realize that our long-standing dislike of our bed and an impending and unexpected check I was about to receive could be combined in a rather satisfying manner: check.
  • Avoid day-long Ikea trip by finding super sale at local independent place and get a fairly awesome deal including free delivery and setup: check.
  • Finally have a comfy bed to fall into every night after years and years of being all ugh about the whole thing: check.


(We also got 2 drawers for underneath but they came later. Oh, and a comforter. We got one of those, too.)

  • Still to do: find nightstands that match our new bed frame and don’t cost a week’s pay.
  • Realize we now have an entire bed to spare that didn’t really have anything wrong with it (mostly it was just too small and familiar) and that it could go into the spare room so that we could finally have a real guest room instead of an air mattress on the floor of our “home office” which had just turned into unused space since we both got laptops and Netflix on the Wii: check.




(Suddenly, this tiny, weird room feels HUGE AND LOVELY and I want everyone to come and stay with us. Seriously. Are you going to be in New England? You are welcome to stay.)

  • Unexpected gift of curtains that work in the bedroom and valances that work in the spare room (and an extra set of sheets) from Dan’s mother, making these rooms look even awesomer that the photos imply: check.
  • Still to do: buy blinds for the living room windows. So damn sick of cat hair-covered curtains I can’t even tell you.
  • Make serious progress on secret knitting and order yarn to finish it: check.


(That’s all you get to see because it’s secret and for all you know it might be for you and of all the surprises you don’t want to spoil a surprise for you would be at the top, right?)

  • Still to do: finish the secret knitting by the end of next week.
  • Send in application and payment for community garden: check.
  • Still to do: figure out what I can grow in a 4′ by 8′ plot (suggestions will be accepted in comments, so don’t be shy, y’all).
  • Write another blog post it has been 2 weeks seriously what is wrong with you just say something: oh, check, for totally.


I don’t need a Tumblr on top of everything else, so…

…I’m-a share my unfucking stories here and be a member of Team Unfuck Your Habitat from afar. (But before we get into this, go spend some time at that link if you don’t already know about it. It will change your life. I am not even joking one little bit. Mostly because you get to say “unfuck” instead of “clean” and really that right there is enough to change your whole perspective on chores, I think.)

I’ve made some strides lately in my continued quest to have enough storage/recognize that I have enough if I would only use it wisely. First, I found the Hutch of My Dreams (!!!!!!!), which means I can get more things off my counters or out of my kitchen drawers that don’t belong there and start using those spaces for things that do belong there. Then, having this big, beautiful hutch in my kitchen blocked off some access to the shoe bins and also got me thinking about how I don’t like our official place to keep the coats, hats, etc., which is in a messy pile on top of the shoe bins. This in turn led to me thinking about how many pairs of shoes are in those bins but never get worn. I’m sure you know this story. Fix one thing and everything you didn’t realize needed to be fixed suddenly stands out in sharp relief.

Also, I’ve been dabbling in the UfYH method for maybe a month now and it’s really helped me keep a few tough spots under control AND not stress out when things get messy. I was ready for a bigger unfucking and when I got up yesterday and looked at the hutch space and the coat pile I figured this was as good a weekend as any to get this project checked off the list.

Here’s one side of the space (technically the dining room or breakfast nook but when we have a table there we never eat at it and it just becomes another surface that belongs to the cat). You can get the basic idea of the hutch from this shot but I’m still in the process of refinishing him so you’ll have to wait for the full reveal until he gets his own special post one of these days.


This is the other side, with the shoe bins and the coat pile.


So, as you can see, there was much to be addressed in the nook. Most of that stuff belongs there, at least for now, but there were plenty of boxes and piles of mail that would benefit from a trip to the recycling and certainly everything on that bookshelf could use a little tidy up.

To start, I cleared off the bookshelf and put everything back on in a more organized way. I moved it to a new position against the freezer to make room for some coat hooks on the wall. I shuffled things around on the hutch so I could wipe down all the shelves (due to general lack of space, I’m refinishing from the top down so I can use each shelf right away when it’s done and, well, there was flour everywhere). I sprayed one side of the floor down with a vinegar/water/Dr Bronner’s mix I’ve been favoring lately and let it sit a minute, then went after the floor with a Magic Eraser (if you like the kind of fun that’s also disgusting, I highly recommend this).

On the other side, I emptied and then vacuumed all the canvas shoe bins and gave them a light spray with vinegar, just enough not to soak through to the cardboard underneath. While they dried, I wiped down the shelves with some rubbing alcohol after scraping off some stickers I apparently left on there when we assembled them a few years ago. Then I moved them out of the way and gave that side of the floor the same soak-then-Magic-Eraser treatment. Anything that came out of this corner that could go in the trash or the laundry did.

Oh, and I spent my breaks playing Mario. I will get all those giant coins–I WILL!

Anyway, after a 45/15 apiece, this is how the 2 sides looked:





After my last Mario break I sorted the shoes into “keep and wear now,” “keep and hopefully wear again someday” (all my cute heels need to take a break for now because on my list of things to unfuck is some foot/ankle pain that’s making icepacks and orthotics my best friend these days), and “junk it” piles. Then – and I’m not even kidding here – I cleaned all the shoes that I didn’t throw out. Like, vacuumed a winter’s worth of salt and sand off them and wiped them off with a damp cloth so they’d be cleaner when they went into storage/back in their bins. Do yourself a favor and never look at the bottom of your flip-flops. I ventured down to the terrifying space where the dead spiders live basement and found a box so I could pack up my heels. I put all the bins back together and into their new homes, 1 on each side of the nook. I hung up the coats and hats. I kept the most-used shoes out and put the rest of the “keep and wear now” stuff into the bins. I even washed the cat’s dish because it freaks her out when I do that.

When you type it all out like that it sounds like it must have taken forever, but this whole thing about breaking time into manageable chunks and taking scheduled breaks makes things so easy and I’m just shocked at how much I can get done in 45 minutes.

So this is where we ended up:


So much tidier!


It still needs some tweaking but I’ve spent a little over 3 hours on it this weekend and that’s plenty. Next up, I need to do a big hand wash session for the winter knits this week and then that black basket can find a new purpose in life. Also, I need to finish the hutch, of course. I really want to do that by the end of the month so there’s some serious sanding and painting coming this week as well, I suspect.

Lastly, if you came here looking for yarn content and don’t so much care what I do with my nook, I can tell you that I’m 1/3 of the way through the second sock of the pair from my last post. So far it’s looking exactly like the first one so I’m not bothering with pictures. Still loveloveloving the Karbonz needles, though. If you’re sick of wood and bamboo but can’t use metal, I highly recommend them. And I promise to be back with exciting yarn news very soon.

But first there might be a post about our new bed and how we unfucked the spare room.

Goodbye, February. I won’t miss you.

Seriously, was that the stupidest month ever, or was it just me? Maybe it was just me and you had an excellent February, which I do hope for your sake. I, though, am happy to see the back end of a month that could not possibly have been as long as it felt, especially considering it’s, you know, the shortest one.

But! I have knit a sock. I even started the second one right away.


(Also, say hi to Fun Bobby, my new compuper. We are having lots of fun except he is too easy to get along with and this long-time PC user is constantly baffled by how nothing takes 75 steps or requires a wizard or anything anymore.)

And I got my lovely shipment of KARBONZ NEEDLES THEY ARE BEST from Jimmy Beans, along with a darling little Lantern Moon case.


I ordered a second set of 1.5 mm, 2 sets of 1.75 mm and 3 sets of 2 mm needles. I think I have all standard sock knitting covered here. I need to get some 2.25 mm for the next time I’m tempted by some thicker sock yarn, but I can conquer almost anything with this range of sizes so I should be good for a while.

And now I’ve to go start March off right by packing as much excitement into this first weekend as I can. Today: rearranging the bedroom and using the new steam vac for the first time! And I’m not even being sarcastic about how excited that makes me.