Clean As You Go

Cleaning up after a project is the worst. Weaving in ends once you’re done knitting is the worst. I’m trying really hard not to have the end of this blanket be 6 months of constant finishing — or worse, 6 months of me needing to do, like, 2 tiny things to finish it and just not wanting to deal with them.


So, I’ve been weaving in the ends on the blanket as I go. At first my goal was to go back every few rows and weave in a bunch at a time, but lately I’ve been working them in as I go by sort of wrapping them around the working yarn as I pick up the stitches for each new square. I think this method is working but I’m not trimming the ends too close until the whole thing’s done just in case. The back is still not looking sloppy, so I am very pleased about that.

I also made a decision about what to do for the border. I like the look of the jagged edge and attached cord in the original blankie but the prospect of actually knitting that much cord has never appealed to me. And I don’t want to leave it with nothing on the edges, because the corners of the squares flip up and the edge squares all look smaller than the middle ones because they don’t have something pulling on all 4 sides of them. I’ve been thinking about filling in the edges with solid color triangles to square it off, but looking at some of the projects where people have done that, I didn’t really feel that was the right choice for me either.


So, it’s triangles with the same yarn as the squares, and probably then a very thin solid border to frame it nicely. One thing I’ve found with this method, though, is that I have to separate the times I work on triangles from the times I work on squares or else I invariably end up halfway through knitting the wrong one before I realize what I’ve done.

So, I sit down every night with my Ziploc bags of yarn and my kitchen scale. I pull a ball out of the “unused” bag, knit my square, weaving the ends as I go. I weigh what’s left, and then the remainder goes straight into the correct container — my “can use again” bag if there are still a good 3 grams or so or my “triangles” bag if there’s about 2 grams, enough for an edge triangle. If there isn’t even 2g  left, then I have another method for tidying up as I go.


I went ahead and started my scrappy scarf from the too-short leftovers that still feel like too much to throw away. I’m going with linen stitch and I don’t want to think about colors or stripes or amounts or weaving in ends or any of that nonsense, so I’m just plain tying all the ends together and letting what happens happen. It will be glorious or it will be hideous, or it will possibly be both. But in any case, there will be very little mess to deal with when this is all over.


10 thoughts on “Clean As You Go

  1. Oh! But I am so happy you chose to go this route with the triangles! The turquoise and brown striped one is my favorite right now.

  2. The back of your blanket does look very neat. I was weaving in as I went too, then somehow I let some go. Thankfully, got myself back on track!
    Love the idea of the little triangles.

    1. Thanks! Ends are such a tough thing to keep up with in a project like this. If I hadn’t worked out a way to deal with them as I knit, I would have been facing a huge mess, I think!

  3. The blanket is looking great!!! I was lazy….(although I HAVE knit 3 of these gems!!!!) and left the jagged edge of squares, and without an I-cord. I likes it just fine—until I’ve seen yours!!! Might have to fill at least one of them with triangles some day!!! Lovely!

    1. I think knitting 3 of them clears you of any suspicion of laziness! Also, I’m really loving the triangles. I’ve gone 5 years not knowing what to do with the edges, but I decided to just try one out and see, and I kind of fell in love with it instantly.

    1. Thanks! I might have gotten myself into some never-ending loop, ’cause I’m always going to knit socks and have more leftovers. I’m so far from finishing this blanket and I’m already assuming I will be making another one!

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