I am so so so sleepy, you guys. Just wanna take my glass of wine to the couch & have Inspector Lynley tell me whodunnit (I’m leaning towards the ex-wife, but I think she didn’t mean to kill him). But. I have lots of goals I’m trying to accomplish in my life right now, & really they all add up to one big goal:

  • trying to do yoga every day, even for 5 minutes
  • trying to blog 1-2 times a week & not feel like it needs to be more often (I’ve actually been writing a little more often than that, but saving drafts & only publishing 1-2 times/wk)
  • trying to finish the projects I have started & not start another for each finished one right away, but dedicate that new free time to the rest of the projects instead so this fall can be full of brand new things
  • trying to read a little bit in Italian a few times a week
  • trying to play City of Heroes a few times a week; it’s time for my next level 50

So, what I’m trying to work on is consistency, hoping all of this leads to a bit more routine for the things I enjoy. Towards that end, I came here to post tonight, just a quick note to check in & remind myself that little bits at regular intervals add up a lot faster than big chunks every so often.

But, really, guys, I’m so sleepy. And I really wanna know if the ex-wife did it. So, I’ll be back once or twice this week with more, but that’s it for tonight.

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