The idea of counterposes in yoga is one that’s always appealed to me. A counterpose is a very intuitive action for me (and, I think, a lot of people) – after I’ve been sitting for a while, I want to stand up and take a back bend; if I spend some time turned to the right, I need that left twist to feel straightened out again. (And, of course, if you can balance a tack hammer on your head, you can head off your foes with a balanced attack.) It’s about working with opposites in order to find more balance.

I feel the need for something similar in knitting as well. After this…

fingering weight on 2.75 mm needles


fingering weight on 2.5 mm needles

…and this…

fingering weight on 2.0 mm needles

…I needed a little of this…

bulky weight on 5.5 mm needles


…and bad. (I also needed some mango sorbet and to list all my Inspector Lynley novels on bookmooch. Which: let me tell you, your tolerance level may vary, but I made it as far as A Traitor to Memory and was like, “OK, missy, that’s enough with the fat hatred and the ‘women are shrill emotional wrecks, except for the physically unattractive ones, who are angry emotional wrecks’ bullshit.” I am so done with these books. Mango sorbet and I are still cool, though.)

I got a bit of a plan into my head (thick yarn, cardigan, ribbed button band, mismatched buttons, fibonacci stripes), pulled out the owls pattern for some vague stitch count range reference points, went up a sweater size because I went down a needle size, and cast on a sleeve. How lovely and skill-reaffirming, and it-only-took-2-evenings-ificating an experience it was! I want to start on the body but my 5.5 mm circular is in the Oceania shawl, so for now it’s back to all that fingering (go on, say it). But any day now, people, it’s gonna be all mismatched buttony, fibonacci stripey, squishy bulky cardigany orama around this place.

You know it.

2 thoughts on “Counterknitting

  1. Mmmmm mango is such a lovely flavor! Bulky yarn is so much fun to work with after knitting with fingering weight yarn. Doesn’t it just feel like the knitting is flying off the needles? Owls is a particularly fun pattern! Knitting it with stripes is genus too! Ah and the blue socks look dreamy!

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