CSA Week 1: Greens, Eggs & Lamb

It’s here! It’s here! Holy shit what am I going to do with all these greens Summer CSA season is here!


The egg share was offered again this year. Rather than the occasional meat offering, this year we could choose a meat add-on for the entire season! The options were pork, chicken or lamb. We get tons of pork and whole chickens in our winter meat share so I thought I’d give the lamb a go. I’ve only eaten it a few times and never cooked with it, so it will be a summer of experimenting, meat-wise. First up: lamb burgers.

Here’s this week’s take:

  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • dandelion greens
  • escarole
  • lettuce
  • bok choy
  • turnips (with greens, of course)
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • lamb chops
  • lamb sausage
  • ground lamb
  • lamb stew

As soon as we got home with this I started in chopping, washing, and bagging up all the greens. It’s a noble goal I have every year to try to wash and prep everything early in the week so I can just grab ’em and go the rest of the week. I got through about half the stuff on Tuesday before I gave up from the hunger and had to clear the counters for dinner. Can’t exactly make and serve dinner when this is happening all over the kitchen:


I’ma try to get through washing the rest tomorrow. And I’ll be back next week with my what-I-cooked-with-it-all wrap-up, which should go something like, “I had eggs–with greens! And lamb–with greens! And then pasta–with greens!” But I promise I’ll try to make it more interesting than that if I can.

Also! It’s time once again to participate in the What’s in the Box? link party at In Her Chucks. Go check it out for a ton of great ideas on what to do with your CSA stuffs!

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 1: Greens, Eggs & Lamb

    1. Thanks for hosting! And, yes, there will be serious leafy-green-nutrient infusion in the next few weeks. Which is probably just as well, since between the summer and winter shares I mostly eat seasonally, so I get two big bursts of greens a year and not much in between. Oh, well, there are worse problems to have than too much chard!

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