CSA Weeks 3 & 4

Good lord, this season’s going quickly. Let’s get up to speed on the CSA, shall we?

This was week 3:

  • collard greens
  • kohlrabi
  • lettuce
  • kale
  • turnips
  • chard
  • senposai
  • beets
  • spigariello

And for week 4 we have:

  • more beets, kale, collard greens, and spigariello
  • snow peas
  • radishes
  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • agretti

The morning of the week 3 pickup I realized there were still lots and lots of greens in the fridge, so I took an hour and washed, chopped, blanched and froze everything I had left from week 2. I ended up with a bag of kale stems, a bag of kohlrabi stems, and 3 bags of mixed greens frozen for sometime later in the summer when I’ve had a chance to miss leafy greens. Today I may end up doing the same with the week 3 leftovers.

I made a big salad last night to take care of the rest of the lettuce. I think I’ll serve that up for lunch today too. Last night’s dinner also took care of the chard from week 3. But there’s still enough left from last week that I just put yesterday’s overflowing bag o’ stuff straight into the fridge when I got home because I couldn’t squeeze anything else into the drawers.

There are worse problems to have than too much delicious food.

I think today I will make a kohlrabi gratin. I have some lamb sausage thawing out and if that’s done by this evening I’ll make a sausage-kale soup tonight. I’ve really been wanting to try this recipe from Food In Jars for cheddar-and-leafy-green biscuits that should freeze well, so I might try to squeeze that in today as well.

I’ve been sort of losing track of the week and not getting as much from the share cooked up each night as I would like because we’re awfully distracted by moving prep right now. We were planning to move in August but July ended up being the more doable date, so basically we’ve ended up with 3 weeks to purge and pack a 2-bedroom apartment (with full basement) where we’ve lived for 7 years in such a way that we can comfortably fit into a 1-bedroom (with a storage closet). It’s tricky, but we’re managing. We’re getting stuff out of the house every day, whether to the trash/recycling, Goodwill, or to a new forever home with friends. I’m exploring the outer thresholds of my tolerance for working in the basement before my fear of spiders starts interfering with my ability to live a normal, healthy life, which ultimately has to be good for me in some way. Builds character, or something? And we’re going to have a full week with access to both apartments, so we can take the time to be organized about how we move. I fully expect there to be a day at the end where we’re scrambling and confused and don’t know where any of our pants are, but for right now I’m feeling OK about the whole thing.


I haven’t grabbed too many food pics lately, but I thought the chard stems and garlic scapes looked awful pretty in the pan last night.

Also, don’t forget to check out the What’s in the Box? link party over at In Her Chucks for ALL THE THOUGHTS on how to cook up your CSA haul. I try to link up and check out the other links every week and I always find great ideas. Plus I could look at pictures of vegetables almost as much as I can look at pictures of yarn.

6 thoughts on “CSA Weeks 3 & 4

    1. Yes, it was a nice balance to ALL THE GREEN in the rest of the meal to have those bright pink stems in there!

    1. Oh, yes, indeed! Since I started the whole CSA thing a few years ago I actually have something to like about summer (the whole heat+humidity+sunshine thing never really appealed to me, but I’ll put up with it if it means I get to eat like this).

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