Day 23 & the Plants Are Still Alive

I have a Very Ambitious Knitting Plan for the weekend, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet. I’m afraid if it finds out what I’m up to it’ll get scared and run away. Instead, let me tell you about exciting garden things.

First up: Ray is starting to grow some little flowers!

This one’s even bigger now and they’re starting on a few other branches, too. Lemons might really happen, people. LEMONS.

My celery experiment is working as well.

I decided to try growing celery from seed because I need celery to be happy and I didn’t get any in either of last year’s farm shares. I didn’t see any seedlings when I was shopping for my herbs a few weeks ago so I grabbed a packet of seeds instead. I’ve read that it’s easy to grow celery, that it’s impossible to grow celery, that you have to grow it in the ground, that it grows just fine in containers, that you have to start the seeds indoors or under a lamp or exactly 6 weeks after the last frost, and a dozen other confusing statements which, rather than put me off the idea completely, convinced me the best approach was just to throw some seeds in some dirt and wait.

Now that the celery’s come in a bit more than this picture shows, I’m realizing that the seeds weren’t very well spaced when I planted them. The seeds were so small that they just sort of fell out of my hand and disappeared into the soil before I had a chance to control what was happening. Now I have two little pots each with one close little cluster of celery and a lot of empty dirt all around. But I actually made a thing grow, and that’s a huge success right there.

You can also see my scallion experiment there next to the celery. Apparently you can replant the roots and they’ll grow again? I planted some a few weeks ago and some of them look like they almost want to do something but there’s no major change yet. So far it just looks like I stuck some onion ends in the dirt.

Now I must get back to the Very Ambitious Knitting Plan. If it works out, I’ll be back later this weekend with some news on that.

4 thoughts on “Day 23 & the Plants Are Still Alive

  1. I cannot wait to hear more about your knitting project, but I’ll be patient for a little while. I should hope that many lemons grow, you have certainly worked hard for them! Please keep us updated on that front as well!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, lovelies. I’ve turned Ray around so his backside can get some sun, and more buds have sprung up already! As for the knitting, it all turned out fantastically. I think it helped not to talk about it.

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