Decisions and Revisions Which a Minute Will Reverse

I should have so many socks to tell you about right now. Two, actually, which really is so many when it’s been so long since I finished a pair. A week ago I was doing alright in the sock knitting department. A week ago I was a full pair closer to my 2012 sock knitting goal, which was great because I’m really behind on that goal overall. Today I have regressed by half a pair – and I don’t mean by one sock. I mean by half of each of two socks.

So, what had happened a week ago was that I had finished the second experimental slipped-stitch-and-short-rows-sole sock. With the second sock I had played around with different ways to close the gaps between sole and instep where I turned for my short rows and most of them had worked well enough on one side. The other side still had noticeable gaps, though. I kitchenered the second toe, put the socks on, enjoyed that lovely new-sock hug you get before you wash and block and wear and repeat and it’s still lovely but never quite the same as that first time, and took a good look at those gaps. And I decided that it wasn’t worth it, any way you cut it.

Having a completed pair of socks checked off the to-knit list was not worth having a pair with lots of holes in them. Having just any pair of socks in my favorite sock yarn did not outweigh the desire to have a good pair of socks in my favorite sock yarn. I made up my mind right quick that I would rip out the soles of both socks, get ’em both set up on my new Knitter’s Pride 2 mm 40″ circ I’d been wanting to audition as a potential replacement for all those snapped-in-half Knit Picks tragedies, and finish up the soles all 2-at-a-time style in a weekend.

Quick, decisive action makes me feel like a more accomplished knitter. Wise. Experienced. Pragmatic, even. Ripriprip and those soles were gone. Rip a bit more and the heels were un-turned.  I re-turned that first heel with an image of my glorious, blue-socked future hanging right before my eyes. Then, I started on the second heel.

And one of the needle tips snapped in half.

And I swore a little.

(It helped.)

I don’t have any other 2 mm circs. Nor do I have more than one full set of 2 mm dpns, and the one full set I do have is wrapped up in Kristi. And so, where I was hoping to be able to tel you about a whole new finished pair of socks right now, alas, I can only tell you about three partial socks. My plan is to finish the first Kristi, finish one of the blue socks, then decide whether I alternate a Kristi and a blue sock again or finish up the second blue sock before starting the second Kristi. (Yes, I could probably buy more needles and work on both, but I gotta tell you, I am so over buying needles right now. I need some space.)

I don’t even have pictures to show you. The only project I’ve made real progress on lately is a secret. It’s all terribly sad, sad stuff. I promise I’ll be back soon with more vegetable stories and eventually a sock (or two).

6 thoughts on “Decisions and Revisions Which a Minute Will Reverse

    1. I don’t know what to do about sock needles. I can only get sock gauge on 2 mm; even 2.25 is too loose and, honestly, I could probably stand to go down to 1.75 with a lot of sock yarns. But I just can’t knit with metal because my wrists and shoulders can’t handle it. Bamboo needles bend so much that I can only knit a few pairs before they’re unusable. I’ve been thinking about trying those carbon fiber needles, but it’s a lot to invest if it turns out I can’t use them either.

      For now, I guess I’ll just keep going – and accepting all the sock hugs folks have to offer – until so many of my KP dpns snap that I don’t have enough left to knit a sock at all (I think I have 7 of ’em left).

      1. Hmmm… Have you tried magic loop or knitting with two circs instead of DPNs? I rarely use DPNs for anything except the top bit of a hat anymore. I love my Addi bamboo clicks, but they don’t come in sock sizes. Hiya Hiya makes nice interchangeable circs, too (stainless steel; I don’t know if they have wood), they DO come in sock sizes, and they’re less expensive than Addis.

        1. It seems to be the material rather than the technique. I knit on dpns and magic loop about equally. (Never tried 2 cirs, though, ’cause I can never manage to have 2 unbroken circs in the right size at the same time.) I haven’t tried Addi bamboo needles, but Hiya Hiya bamboos bend the fastest in my experience – I didn’t actually make it through 1 sock with them, whereas I get a few pairs out of a set of Clovers. I think of myself as a loose knitter, because I always seem to need a much smaller needle than recommended to get gauge. I’m wondering if I make loose stitches but have a tight grip. Maybe I just need to learn to relax.

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