Do-nothing Weekend

Three straight weeks now I’ve been go-go-going. Go to the doctor, go pick up friends, go to a show, go to Dan’s parents’ for the night, go to Dan’s grandmother’s for Mother’s Day, go to work, go home sick with a migraine, go to the grocery store, go, go, go. Today, I am stopping. I think I’ll stop tomorrow too.

I will knit a sock and I will finish the baby sweater. I will work on the Thor hat pattern. Tomorrow I will make chicken soup and bread. I may look at Ray a few times if I feel like leaving the apartment, because I think he may just be trying to grow a little something on one of his branches and last night I dreamed about lemons. If I notice Something that Absolutely Must Be Done, I will ask Dan to do it, or I will convince myself it’s No Big Thing After All. I have queued the Up series on Netflix. I will figure out a way to make an amazing dinner out of two potatoes and a dried pepper. I will read another Spenser novel. I will clear my mind, work on my alternate-nostril breathing, and drink limoncello.

I don’t have any new pictures to show you. Soon, though, my darlings. I promise.

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