Finishing Line

Left to right: Ankle socks in Cascade 128, ankle socks in Cascade Fixation, hat in KP Swish DK, hat in KP Gloss DK, 198 yds. of Heaven in Patons Classic Wool, fingerless gloves in KP Swish Bulky, Superman, & scarf in KP Swish Bulky.

Today is the day for the weaving in of ends and the soaking in the sink. All the blocking mats and pins shall be used, as well as the sock blockers. Truly this is a glorious day.

I’ve decided I’m close enough to finishing that it’s safe to try again on the Honey Cowl/Headband. I think I’m giving up on the idea of a headband. I just can’t find a pattern I can make work with this yarn. I’m going with a simple stockinette cowl with seed stitch border and will continue the hunt for an appropriate headband in the new year. But. I’m working from the outside of the center-pull cake and leaving the existing, not yet cast-off project attached to the center just in case.

I have another handful of thrums made up, too, and nothing to do at all on Friday, so I’m thinking the mittens are still on for Saturday morning. I wasn’t planning on washing them before giving them – maybe heresy? not sure – because I suspect they’ll take a year to dry, so these can be finished on Xmas morning if they have to be and I’ll still be fine. Still feeling v. v. good about Xmas knitting this year.

3 thoughts on “Finishing Line

  1. Wow, what beautiful projects! Are you on Ravelry? I found a nice (and easy) headband to knit that has a pretty lacy pattern. It keeps my ears warm and can be finished in a night or two. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but if it is, I can send you the link!

    And thank you for your kind comment on my newbie blog… it really made my day šŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!

  2. Emily – Thanks! I am still looking for a good headband pattern (though when I gave my friend her cowl today, she totally just wore it as a headband anyway; her head’s bigger than I thought!). I’m on Ravelry as randipants if you wanna get in touch.

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