Flip Your Lid

Dan got me Lynn Barr’s Reversible Knitting for Xmas last year. I’d had my eye on Winding Path but until I had the book in hand I hadn’t really explored what else was in it. Winding Path is still on the to-do list (we are having gauge issues; we are also mildly regretting our yarn choice, which was our third choice as the yarn store was out of our first two, and we are waiting to see if we get Xmas checks/can finally sell our sewing machine in the hopes that will bring in enough to snag us some Twinkle Soft Chunky). But I’m not so sad about not having that sweater yet, because, you see, there’s this hat in this book as well. This really really really cute hat. This reversible hat made out of sock yarn. Oh, yes.

Pattern: Flip Your Lid by Eric Robinson
Yarn: KP Bare Superwash Wool, Nylon Fingering Weight (about 171 yards) & Malabrigo Sock in Abril (about 152 yards)
Needles: KP Harmony 2.75 mm 40″ circular
Started: September 24, 2011
Finished: October 2, 2011
Just the needle size. The pattern calls for 3.5 mm needles, but some of the project notes on Ravelry mentioned that the hat came out really big and I couldn’t quite imagine using needles that big with sock yarn when I was aiming for something that would keep my head warm. I took a guess that going with something a few sizes smaller than called for and a few sizes larger than I knit socks with might be just right. I magic looped this so I could try it on as I went and make sure my assumptions were correct.

I had so much fun knitting this hat. The pattern was clearly written and the chart was easy to memorize, so while it looks complicated it was actually a pretty relaxing project that I could work on while watching TV or reading.

Here it is the other way around. I’ve been wearing it this way more often because PURPLE!

This hat got a lot of wear this past weekend, so I’m happy to say it’s been fully tested and gets an A+ on softness, warmth, and staying on while you fall asleep. Normally I wouldn’t grade a hat on that last quality, but our power went out Saturday evening and did not come back until Tuesday afternoon, so there was much wearing of wool while in the house. In fact, it’s entirely possible I spent at least a full (cumulative) 24 hours wearing this hat, this sweater, this scarf, and these gloves, and possibly blinding the cat.

Or maybe she was just mad ’cause we put her in her sweater every time the power goes out.

In other knitting, I’ve returned to the stripey shrug of many months ago. It will put me closer to my goal of clearing out all the unfinished things, but I’ve also had one hell of a cold the last few days (see earlier comments re: power out for three days) and have not wanted to touch anything I’m knitting for anyone other than myself. So, the Thor hat – which only. needs. one. wingy bit! – and some other hats for other people I was planning are on hold until I’m back to full health. The exhaustion that came along with this cold makes the prospect of a sweater or the ever-lengthening rows of my Oceania shawl too daunting to consider, so stripey shrug it is for now. Next week will be the week of hats.

Until then, I will comfort myself with my own new awesome hat.

Even if I do have to go through a bit of a process to put it on.

6 thoughts on “Flip Your Lid

  1. I have to admit, you had me at “cat in a sweater”. You have the most adorable kitty, especially when well dressed.
    The hat is gorgeous too! Keep up the wonderful work!

    1. It’s on its way in the next few weeks! The lady who was making it had some personal stuff come up and couldn’t finish, so it’s been re-traded to another lovely lady who is finishing it up.

  2. Your cat in the sweater made me laugh out loud. I sometimes think I need sweaters for my cats though since my space heater isn’t too effective but both cats know how to get under the covers.

    LOVE the reversible hat!! So cute!

    1. Oh, cat in a sweater never gets old. This is the third year in a row we’ve been squeezing her into that sweater and we laugh every time. It’s store bought though, so I really must get around to making her a proper one.

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