Gifts from the Internet

I am just a huge fan of how much stuff I can acquire without having to get off the couch, and often without having to pay real dollars for it. Seriously, the internet has done so much for my yarn stock. In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a few little packages that are increasing the sock:other yarn ratio quite nicely.


There you have some Patons Kroy I got in a Ravelry trade. The bad light in this apartment does not do justice to how neon that yellow is, but some of the entries in the Ravelry projects gallery give you a better idea. This is a yellow, yellow yarn, and I don’t have anything like it, and I cannot wait to introduce it to Cookie A. There’s only 1 of the stripey Kroy because I kind of couldn’t resist and I already knit a sock out of the other skein. One of those things that just happens before you even realize it sometimes, you know? And all those tiny balls are fuel for the Life-Long Blanket. Stephanie over at woolythyme was working on a sock blankie recently and offered to share her minis with her readers, and there is no way I can resist an offer like that.

Common Ground is coming along nicely, after a few false starts wherein my ability to count and follow simple directions sort of took a vacation. I’m past the lace on the body and just a few rows away from the bottom ribbing. Really this would take about 3 good, solid evenings’ worth of knitting to finish, but with my school/work schedule, it will probably be another week. But it will happen, and it will be beautiful!

In life news, school’s OK, work’s OK, my little business venture is more than OK, and over at the other blog I’m getting very close to the end of Alias season 1 and starting to feel almost OK about the whole series. But the real big life news, the most exciting life news, is this:


His name is Mix Fleetwood. Isn’t he handsome?

We got a really big tax return, so I got a really big treat. I love him and I use him almost every day even if I’m just making scrambled eggs for 2, and he’s basically the greatest thing. And he’s sooooo purple!


8 thoughts on “Gifts from the Internet

  1. Thanks for the update! I’m with you on being a fan of online/couch shopping. And, of course, stash enhancement. 🙂

    That’s great that your business is doing well. I thought it would! I’m a little bit jealous of your purple KitchenAid. Mine’s white.

    1. I was SO EXCITED to find it in purple! I thought the Professionals only came in white/gray/black, but I found a place online that has all the colors – yet another gift from the internet!

  2. LOVE the stand mixer! So purple!! I have a red one, and I agree, it is amazing. Can’t wait to see all the lovelies you make with your new yarn.

    1. I am having so much fun figuring out what this mixer can do! Pizza dough in minutes! It’s incredible. And there will be pictures of socks soon, I swear!

  3. PURPLE???? how cool is that? (my hubby got tired of hearing me cuss out my vintage mixer and gifted me one for Christmas….Oh, lordy! I had no idea cooking could be so EASY!!!!—-and FUN!)

    1. Thanks! It’s definitely worth the investment. I’m using it a few times a week and it makes everything so much easier.

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