Helper Kitty

I think Zoe was sad I didn’t get to include a white stripe in my yarn like I wanted to so she thought she’d add one for me.

She’s so good to me.

This stuff’s been drying for several days, actually dry for most of them, but I just got around to skeining it this morning. Turned my hands bright pink, so I don’t know whether I’ll be making those Jaywalkers any time soon after all. It is resting in a freezer bag in the sock yarn drawer until I formulate a plan. But it sure is lovely.

The first of the birthday yarn knee socks is up to the ribbing. Ribbing stretches way more around a calf than an ankle, huh? I keep knitting and knitting until the ribbing looks ridiculously long, only to try the sock on and see about 2/3 the height I had disappear. But I will get there. I just have to be strong.

I also really want to finish up the bath mat, but visions of the next sweater are starting to dance. There may at least be a gauge swatch in my near future.

3 thoughts on “Helper Kitty

    1. Thanks! It really is nothing like what I was picturing, but I think it looks way cool all the same. And I learned a valuable lesson: “When in doubt, use the whole pot of food coloring” is not a very good dyeing method.

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