I Ab Sig Add It’s Do Fud

Seriously, you guys. So stuffy. So achy. So sore throaty. So need-my-nebulizer-and-my-neti-pot-and-all-the-jammie-pantsy. It’s not that I don’t love to be here with you. It’s not even that I’m not knitting. It’s just that I’m so sick.

But! I have antibiotics now. And this morning on the way to my doctor’s my iPod shuffled only things I could sing along with in my condition (you know, Adam Duritz and classic Liz Phair and other people who don’t so much sing as creak – which isn’t a judgement, it’s why I love them) which made the hour-long ride back towards the lands of my childhood much easier to take. So, things might be looking up.

I will be back soon with yarn pictures and perhaps even tales of other craft-things.

2 thoughts on “I Ab Sig Add It’s Do Fud

    1. Indeed. I try to avoid using medication unnecessarily, but I’m a huge fan of it when it is necessary. And when I thought I just had a bad cold but it turns out I have strep throat for the first time in about 20 years, I can’t fill that prescription fast enough!

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