I Give Up

I am not buying Knit Picks needles anymore. I am not buying sock-sized Clover bamboo needles anymore (didn’t get a picture of that snap, I was too heartbroken). I am considering spending a chunk of my tax return on several sets of Knitter’s Pride Karbonz in several sizes and calling this needle thing done. I’ve only had one issue with my set of Karbonz (the metal tips pulled away from the rest of the needle slightly, leaving enough space for my yarn to snag) but that was easily fixed with some Krazy Glue and a nail buffer and no further issues have come up.

In the meantime, Daughter of the Regiment is on hold and I am trying not to think about her too much. We had just passed the skirt hem and I felt like we were really making some progress.

11 thoughts on “I Give Up

    1. If you count up all the snapped tips and loose joins, I probably only have about 40% of my Harmony set left. And it’s all started happening more frequently in the last 1-2 years, so it seems like their manufacturing wasn’t great to begin with and then got worse. My full set was awesome for about 2.5 years then as some stuff broke and I replaced it the replacements would break again in half the time. And every new needle I’ve bought recently has had a problem. I loved their sharp tips but I just can’t waste any more money.

  1. Randi;

    That is a very sad knitting picture. 🙁 The smallest size I use of theirs is a #6, so I’ve had no issues at all. But, then, I don’t do as much knitting as you do.

    Bummer. Post picks of the new ones. I don’t know anything about them.

  2. OH, NO! I did have similar issues with my knitpicks needles. I strictly use addi and signatures now. Which, are more of an investment, but they’ve never let me down. So, I think they’re worth it in the long run.

  3. Ugh, what a drag! I’ve never used Knit Picks circulars, just DPNs, but I agree with you on sock size Clovers. So flimsy. I try to stick with Addi now, which are pricey but I’m building my set slowly.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one with KP problems!

    My main issue finding good needles is that I just can’t knit with metal. I’ve never tried Signatures but I did shell out for an Addi once hoping a higher-quality product would not make my hands ache and shoulders seize up like the Susan Bates aluminums I’d learned on. Alas, it was not to be. And I seem to be a loose knitter (stitch-wise, if not grip-wise) so I need the teensiest of needles to get a good gauge for socks.

    The Karbonz are pretty cool. So far I’m loving them, but I’m only partway through my second sock. They don’t bend, they feel very strong, and aside from the little bit of a gap I described the tips feel very secure. I bought them as a test to see if I might like to invest in some Blackthorns but I like them enough (and have read enough about the things that can go wrong with Blackthorns) that I think I might just go for it and get a few sets in every size in the 1-3 mm range. I’ve had no trouble with bamboo from 3 mm up.

    Then I just have to decide what to do about all the circulars it would take to replace my KP interchangeables.

    1. I wish you all the luck with them! They’re such beautiful needles and the tips are so sharp and the cables are so flexible and I love the economy of the interchangeable sets. I just WISH SO HARD they wouldn’t all break. If you can avoid the breaking, you’ll be very happy with them.

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