My Eye Doctor Said My Vision Is Better Because I Haven’t Been Reading A Lot

I’ve just spent the afternoon organizing the bookshelves in anticipation of starting my next big project. This has left the room around the bookshelf in a bit of a state, but that can sort itself out later.

I used to keep my unread books on one shelf and everything I’d read organized on another. I used to live alone and go to the library a lot and not be too bothered by great stacks of books towering over the furniture, though.  These days the amount of books in the house and the cat that loves to chew paper make bookshelves a necessity, and the size of this apartment means no separate shelving for the unread books. Which all means I have a lot of books I haven’t read, mostly because I keep forgetting they’re there. So, similar to this year’s goal of turning some of my sock yarn from collectibles into socks, I’m going to take a year and see how many of my unread books I can get through. With the exception of the Spenser novel I started last night, I’m starting here:


My plan is to work my way clockwise around the apartment. I’m giving myself veto power, of course. I’m probably going to skip anthologies, since those are meant to be browsed and I have browsed most of them already. If I see anything of Dan’s I particularly don’t want to read, I’ll skip it. If I see anything I’ve bought but no longer particularly want to read, I’ll list it on bookmooch.

I’m also going to avoid buying new books while working on this project, with exceptions made for requesting stuff off bookmooch. Since I’m in the middle of the Spenser series and the Inspector Lynley series, I’ll still work on collecting those, and if anything off my bookmooch wishlist comes up, I’ll grab that too.

So, it’s fiction to start with, and on that first shelf (after the anthologies) we have these:

  1. Flatland by Edwin A Abbott
  2. The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide by Douglas Adams
  3. Watership Down by Richard Adams (read)
  4. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (read)
  5. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
  6. Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood
  7. The Complete Novels of Jane Austen (partially read)

Looks like Flatland and I are finally going to get acquainted.

2 thoughts on “My Eye Doctor Said My Vision Is Better Because I Haven’t Been Reading A Lot

  1. So your new system is alphabetized by author, with unread books mixed in? Oh, how can you keep track?

    I love how many books you and Dan have in your place. It’s so awesome.

  2. The collection is subdivided by subject, then alphabetized by author. No overall order to the subjects, but fiction is first because it was the biggest collection (250-ish at last count, but that could’ve gone up or down since), then I just sort of went with whatever felt natural. It’s something like fiction, drama/screenplays, poetry, science & mathematics, religion/comparative religion, gender studies, biography & memoir, history, essays. Then in the 2nd bedroom we have the graphic novels and spendy-type stuff (compact OED, complete Far Side, Dan’s art books). Still needs some work to get the whole system working well.

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