In The End

My goal this year was to knit a pair of socks a month. I didn’t quite make it, though I did work on a pair every month (except maybe November? I’m not sure), but I’m pleased with my efforts overall. My year in sock pictures is behind the cut.

Next year is to be my Year. Of. Sweaters. But sweaters aren’t so portable, so I plan to keep a purse sock going at all times. I’m sure I won’t finish a pair a month, but I’ve still got 2 full drawers of sock yarn to burn through (not sure why I thought knitting more socks would leave me with less sock yarn) and lots of intriguing patterns in New Pathways For Sock Knitters to try out.

Not much going on here for New Year’s, but I did have some friends over this afternoon for snacks and drinks and movies. Now I’m off to put together a quick dinner and cast on for sweater #1: owls. With bulky yarn on US 10.5 needles, I’m thinking this one should go quickly. We’ll see if I make it till midnight, but I’ll say happy new year to everyone now just in case. Actually, I typed “heppy” first. That sounds like more fun.

Heppy new year, everyone!

January: Toe up with gusset heel. Dream In Color Smooshy, color Purple Rain.

February: Toe up with gusset heel. Crystal Palace Bunny Hop, color 0434. Made for a friend as part of a trade.

March: Toe up with gusset heel. Berroco Comfort DK, color dusk.

April: Toe up with gusset heel. DIC Smooshy, color Butter Peeps.

May: Top down with heel flap. Knit Picks Imagination, color Mermaid Lagoon. Birthday present for my sister.

June: Jaywalkers with short-row heel. DIC Smooshy, color Petal Shower.

Why so big, Leyburn? Why?

July: Leyburn with toe-up style gusset heel instead of short rows. DIC Smooshy, color Spring Tickle. Still incomplete. Too big for me. Will go to a friend if I ever manage to finish them.

August: Jaywalkers. Made for a Ravelry trade.

September: Top down with heel flap. Mad Science Titanium, color Vampire Snax.

And that’s where it sort of fell apart. It started falling apart around the August Jaywalkers, actually, because even though I did finish those in exactly a month, that month started mid-August due to when I received the supplies. So, the September socks were started mid-September but not finished until late October, and then there were no more socks until December. There was a toe at one point, but it’s still just a toe, so let’s not speak of it. In December there were two pairs of socks for Xmas presents.

That brings me to 10 completed pairs for the year, which is a good average. I made a valiant effort on the stripey bed socks, but in the end, one was all I could manage.


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