In With More New

The fun new stuff just keeps rolling in chez Randipants.

We have a new trade in the works. I’m knitting a fellow Ravel-er some Crusoes…


...out of some quite enjoyably intense STR...


…in exchange for…oh, yes…get ready for it…


...Daughter Of The motherfuckin' Regiment, people!


I am seriously super pumped about this sock kit, folks. These socks are either going to break my spirit or push me to the next level and I can’t wait to find out which it is. Also, buttons. And a skirt. On my socks. I mean, come on.

I had a little fun at the kitchen store today, as well.

Now I can feel like a Food Network host when I splish a little olive oil into my skillet.

Now I can shake and strain and be all fancy-like.

Does anyone else feel like the entire kitchen store is the impulse aisle? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I almost spent $30 on coffee and we came home with some striped shot glasses, too.

I’m getting to know my new phone a bit more every day, but I haven’t named him yet. (I must remedy this in the near future. All my possessions have names. I give them masculine names to try to balance out all the years of men naming their boats after women. Maybe I’ll just call him Sammy. Short for Samsung. You know.) The indoor pictures are a bit grainy but I’ve taken one or two in bright (indoor) light that looked great, so I can’t wait to get outside and see what it can do. I expect my next finished project will get a fancy-ass outdoor photo shoot.

In the meantime, expect to see more pictures of things like my dinner while I play with different light levels inside the house.

Another recent (slightly impulsive) kitchen purchase: Le Creuset silicone basting brush.


5 thoughts on “In With More New

  1. Dang it, Dan, you’re right. Maybe I’ll go with At(&)ticus instead. (The ampersand is silent.)

    Kala – yes. The next few months of sock making are indeed going to be intense!

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