There’s a bit of new stuff ’round the place these days.

A new phone, which I used to take a picture of my new glasses.

Some new yarn has come my way through a woman at work whose sister was cleaning house a bit. A lot of stuff I’ve never worked with before – Tofutsies, Sirdard Denim Chunky (so. squishy. ohmygod.), Dalegarn Heilo, Mission Falls cotton. Some that I have – there’s some Wool-Ease and I think some Patons Kroy. Also a few mystery skeins. Here’s a little sample:

Also in this lot were some new (to me) projects. I’ve “inherited” yarn with stuff in progress in the past, and I admit I usually rip it and salvage the yarn, but all of these projects are either things I like or so close to done there’s no excuse, so I’ve added them to the queue. Plus it would be nice to turn out a few instant gratification items in an evening or two.

There’s a top-down raglan worked to the waist out of the Sirdar Denim and enough of the same in gray to finish with at least 3/4 sleeves, and a skein of white for the ribbing. It looks like it should be a very comfy, slouchy, hang-around-the-house sweater. There’s also a child’s sweater out of the Wool-Ease that just needs the collar finished. I’m not even kidding. So I kinda have to finish that one and find someone with a kid it will fit.  The feels-like-Kroy came as one Lace Panel Sock that just needs the toe grafted and a second sock knit to just past the heel turn, and the pattern was still in the bag, so even though these break some of my sock rules (there must never be lace! no holes!) I’ll probably finish them too.

Also a new exercise routine and new room in the budget to finally sign up for that CSA box I’ve been longing for these many years. This shall be the year. of. coolnewthings. yes.

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  1. Thanks! I’m calling them my Judy Jetson glasses ’cause they remind me of the little wings the Jetson ladies’ dresses had going. They’re my glasses of the future.

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