It’s Been A Long Few Weeks

There’s been working and cooking, and migraines and sleeping, and days out with friends, and a body finished and half a sleeve knit. And not a single post about it on the blog. So, let’s catch up. I missed you.

The CSA program is still amazing and impressing me every week. I’ve started buying extra items from the farm stand while I’m there because everything – including the prices – is so good. No photo shoots of late, but trust me, the food looks better every week. The variety is starting to pick up a little, too. The early weeks were very green-heavy but now we’re starting to see things like potatoes and squash, and I hear tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants aren’t far behind. We’ve also decided to sign up for a winter program that does vegetables, meat, and pantry items like jam, pickles, and flour. I’m projecting a huge drop in the grocery bill over the winter!

Last week’s share went a little something like this: the kohlrabi and turnips were cubed, tossed with olive oil and a little salt and pepper, and roasted. Fresh garlic and basil went into a pizza, which mostly ended up tasting like basil (this is not a bad thing) because I’m still not used to what truly fresh ingredients taste like and so haven’t learned to adjust my quantities. The rest of the basil became pesto. The sugar snap peas and scallions each accented a few meals, and the pea pods were tossed in the freezer for a future soup experiment. The new potatoes were boiled, smashed, and then baked to brown the edges. And the zucchini and summer squash were sautéed, then covered with buttered panko and browned in the oven alongside the potatoes. All of these things were very nice to experience.

This week we have new potatoes, five squash (“FIVE squash?!!!” I said to myself when I picked them up), fresh garlic, fresh parsley, turnips, beets, spring onions, fennel, and 2 heads of lettuce. Again, we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the share. The onions were thinly sliced and fried to that nice crispybrown point, draped over some chicken sausages and served with some of the new potatoes (we buy extra potatoes every week and still eat them all in the first 2 nights after we pick up our share; next week I may have to buy 3 times the usual amount and start freezing); sautéed as part of a navy bean, (canned) tomato, and (frozen) broccoli…thing…soup?…stuff…whatever it was, it was tasty; and sautéed with the fennel to top a sourdough bread “pizza”. 2 summer squash are in the freezer, one went into some pasta, and the last 2 are on the menu for tonight, roasting with the beets and turnips.

I also hit the Portsmouth Open Market over the weekend with some friends. I picked up some great looking, fresh local food to round out the groceries for the week: sourdough bread, strawberry jam, broccoli, radishes, and basil. I was surprised by how small the market was (though it is new this year, I think), but there was still a good variety of farm  stands, specialty items, and local artists, so it was certainly worth the trip.

The knitting is going along at a decent pace. It could go a little quicker if you ask me, but my arms and brain seem to disagree with me at the moment. That’s fine – let them exercise their will a bit, it’s good for them – but one of these days I will have to lay down the law and tell them just to finish something already.

Aidez is almost to the end of the first skein of Eco+, which means she is here (OK, actually, part of the reason I’m not further along than this right now is that I don’t enjoy the prospect of winding another skein of Eco+):

She's also greener in real life.

And now that we’re caught up, it is time for pasta, roasted vegetables, and Farscape. Oh, life is hard, but I’m managing somehow.

6 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Few Weeks

  1. Enjoyed the comments about the produce. The local farmer’s market is open on Wednesday afternoons and tonight I ate fresh squash, Blue Lake green beans, fresh organic honey wheat bread and garden tomatoes. YUM!
    And I love the sweater, can’t wait to see it when you finish it.

    1. Aw, shucks, you’re sweet. Cables aren’t so bad when you break them down into little steps, I find, though I do confuse front with back more often than I’m proud of considering my age.

  2. I’m so jealous of your fresh vegies! Our farmers market is pretty small and we don’t really have much of a garden…

    The sweater looks lovely! Are those harmony needles?

    1. Thanks! Those are Harmony interchangeables. I love love love them…except when the tips break on me, which is happening more and more lately. So far so good with this pair, though!

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