It’s Working! (And a life update.)


That, my friends? Is proof of button band. And since it goes all the way up, around the hood, and then back down again, it is also proof of a button hole band. And and I have even moved on to the sleeves.

There has been some sock progress. Also longing fondling of some yarn at the bottom of the baskets, but no – I repeat: NO – new projects cast on.

This accountability thing is working. Folks are checking in, most notably my lovely friend Jess, and I am feeling a sufficient amount of obliation/shame – but, for serious, in the most positive way! – knowing that anyone might check in at any time that I am chugging along and have full faith that by the end of the month I could easily have a finished project or two.

Accountability is glorious. Let me know (in comments, or here or here) if you want in.

Also, in personal news, now that I’ve linked to my Ravelry and Twitter pages, you might have noticed that I’ve given up randipants and changed my name. This is an across-the-board, screen name, real name, everything for all time name change. I might write more about it here at some point, but for now I just wanted to let y’all know that if you see an Aoife around your blog and/or happen to wonder where randipants went, that’s what’s going on.

10 thoughts on “It’s Working! (And a life update.)

    1. Thank you! I’m sad it’s not for me, but I feel like the friend it is for will be well taken care of by this lovely sweater.

    1. Yes! It’s so much easier to get things done when I know someone else is watching! This sweater feels SOOOOO close, now, I can’t wait!

  1. That is one seriously gorgeous piece of knitting. I’m talking “whistle and catcall” gorgeous. That button band goes ALL the way up! Ooooh baby.

    So proud of your willpower in not starting any new projects! Did I tell you that directly after I wrote my accountability list, I started a new project? And I haven’t finished that yet, either! But the accountability check-in is working so well! “Well, I can work on this thing that I actually enjoy doing, or I can feel like a goon when it’s check-in time. Guess I’ll get that soldering iron out!” I need an accountabuddy for all areas of my life.

    1. Accountabuddy! Yes! And, I don’t know, maybe you could spin that new project just a little – “I made my list, but then I realized it was incomplete, so I had to add in one more?” – or maybe that’s too much like cheating. Anyways, I’m so proud of use! We’re doing such a great job!!!

  2. Woo hoo, good for you! I’m not getting much knitting or crocheting done right now, just lots of reading. It’s always like this when we’re teaching a class — I’m so whipped when I get home that it’s all I can do to stay awake through dinner.

    1. I’ve been reading more, too, but mostly for school. And I’m in a literature class right now, so lots of poetry and jumping all over in textbooks (“read pgs 651-53, 27, 898 – but just the first paragraph…”), which isn’t very knitting-friendly. I’ve been trying to make myself knit for just a little bit every night, and I usually end up sticking with it longer than I think. I’m still making slow progress, but it is progress!

  3. accountability… there is a novel knitting idea!!!! (just kidding….I think it’s brilliant!!!! good luck!!!!)

    thanks for the update on the name change!!!

    1. I know! I don’t know why I haven’t thought in terms of accountability for all the years I’ve been crafting. Except, if I’d been thinking like this before I suppose I wouldn’t have been having so much fun starting all those things I never finished.

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