June Is For Jaywalkers

A few things to talk about today:

Sleeping for 12 hours is fuuuuuuuuuun. I totally went into the bedroom for something last night around 5 and next thing I knew it was 6:15. Then it was 7:45. Then it was 8:30. I got up for a glass of water, grabbed some yarn and went right back to bed. Consequently, this morning I am well-rested and two-thirds of the way through the sleeves for Dan’s sweater.

I’ve been thinking about my philosophy when it comes to socks. Ravelry tells me there have been about 18 pairs of socks in my knitting past. Every pair has been either plain stockinette or ribbed and I mostly stick to 2 mm needles. I like to be able to wear my hand-knit socks with shoes, so a fabric that’s not too loose or textured works for me. There has been variety as far as construction goes – a few have been cuff-down, some with heel flaps, some with short-row, a few different types of toes – but since I found out about this pattern for a toe-up sock with a gusset heel I have not felt the need to stray too far. In fact, in my quest to knit a pair a month this year, it was May before I used another pattern.

Here, have some proof:

January: toe-up with gusset heel

February: toe-up with gusset heel

February: toe-up with gusset heel

March: toe-up with gusset heel

March: toe-up with gusset heel


April: Toe up with gusset heel. DIC Smooshy, color Butter Peeps.

April: toe-up with gusset heel

But for June I’m just plain going wild here, you guys. I’m knitting myself some Jaywalkers in Dream In Color Smooshy, color Petal Shower. This is the first real pattern-y sock pattern I’ve tried. I’m quite liking it, but that’s because it fits my very specific criteria for socks: it doesn’t involve holes, and it doesn’t look so fancy that I’d feel bad hiding it under pants.

I’ve just never really gotten the whole fancy sock thing. They look fun to knit and if someone wanted me to make them a pair I’d be happy to (depending on the someone and whether it was my yarn or theirs and what they were going to give me in return, of course, but other than that I’d do it in a second) but I can’t imagine wearing them myself. I look at all these lovely, lacey, wow sort of socks and think, but why? Also, I don’t want all that structure on my ankles. I just want warm on my ankles. So, anyway, these simple chevron patterned socks are a huge departure for me, but I’m loving them so far.

The only modification I’ve made to the pattern is to do a short-row heel instead of the heel flap.  I’ve come to feel that my small feet are just overpowered by heel flaps. The flaps I’ve knitted (a terrible name for a knitting memoir) have all just sort of chunked onto the back of my foot, instead of cupping it seductively like a lover sock should. I actually knit a whole flap – it was beautiful, too, all those squishy little slipped stitches stacked up in rows – and turned the heel and knit the entire gusset on this sock. I even tried it on at several points along the way, and it fit perfectly every time. Until I was done with all 3 parts. Then there was just something off about the heel, like my sock had a guest room. So, it was rip rip rip and let’s try short rows. I’m not a huge fan of short rows, mostly because I find it difficult to knit the wraps neatly, but I’m hoping this solves the problem because that damn flap lost me a whole day. In fact, it lost me so much time I haven’t stopped to take a progress picture since the very first one:

There really is way more of this sock now.

There really is way more of this sock now.

There are another 20 sock patterns in my Ravelry queue.  I guess I think that I shall become a knitter of sock patterns. And some of them are indeed very tempting: 3 involve colorwork (one of those skills I think I might like to pick up someday),  3 are for slippers,  3 have construction that intrigues me, and the rest are almost all some variation on ribs and cables. In all of them there is only one with holes, and it’s very clearly a feature, not a bug.

So, the only question that remains about my sock philosophy is what to call it. Is this my phisockophy? Philosocky? Socklosophy? I can’t decide.

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