Just Off the Spice Market

Oh hey.

How’ve you been?

I made a thing.

Want to see?

Pattern: On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg
Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply Toes gradient kit in Tidal Pool, 177 grams, leaving a range of leftovers from 1 g of orange to 14 g of the darkest blue. madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Calligraphy, just about every last drop of it. Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat in Pigments of Imagination, 6 teensy wee grams.
 3.25 mm/US 3 Karbonz 40″ circular
Size & Gauge: Finished measurements about 100″ wide and 22″ deep after a good soak and hanging to dry. Gauge is 11 st and 22 r to 2″, which is tighter than the pattern calls for and I even went up a needle size. I did not give it a proper blocking, though, because cats and floor space. I do want to try to give it a slightly more aggressive blocking because the fabric is a bit dense and the depth makes it a little too shallow to wear over my shoulders so this really only works wrapped around my neck scarf-style right now. I feel like I make it a little drapier at least.
Mods: Unintentional and several.

  • The gauge and size, as mentioned.
  • I really wanted to jump right in with this yarn, so my reasonableness kind of went out the window. I thought about pairing it with a peachy-pink skein of Frabjous Fibers Chesire Cat but went with Tosh Sock in Calligraphy instead for a lighter background to show off the Miss Babs better. Which meant I ran out of my main color, which the yardage in the pattern told me I would, so there is no one there to blame but me. I brought the Chesire Cat in for the last section so it manages to look a bit intentional and I do really love that color paired with every single one of the minis.
  • When I started the last stripe section, I read the instructions for color 1 and the main color, then I decided to finally watch Room and did not even think about looking back at the pattern for the next 2 hours. Consequently, I missed that you’re supposed to work each stripe a little narrower with each color, rather than the full 4 pattern repeats as with color 1, and I didn’t realize until there was almost none of color 3 left and it seemed like something might be up. So, I did 3 repeats, 2 repeats, 1 with the rest.
  • At that point I was so far off I figured why not and I added one more main color repeat and then bound off in color 6.

In Conclusion: It’s pretty so who cares if I’m bad at paying attention.

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